Flower & Garden Festival: Fun Facts about Disney World’s Horticulture

Spring is here! Many of us love spring because it heralds the return of both warmer weather and baseball season. When it comes to Walt Disney World, the spring season also signifies a popular festival at Epcot.

This festival is a favorite for many Walt Disney World guests. The bright colors and vibrant array of plant life brings beauty to Epcot’s landscape. That’s why we are breaking down some interesting facts about Disney’s horticulture!

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Walt Disney World Horticulture Facts

Over seven million trees, shrubs, and flowers are part of the entertainment at the Walt Disney World Resort. Each plant is strategically placed to add character, color, mood, or backdrop to one of the world’s largest and busiest “stages.” Landscaping in the 25,000-acre resort ranges from the exotic jungles of Adventureland in the Magic Kingdom Park, and the oasis of Disney’s Animal Kingdom to the formality of the Le Notre Garden at France in Epcot and the casual glamour of a palm-lined boulevard at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

  • Total acreage of the Walt Disney World Resort: 25,000. The Walt Disney World Resort covers nearly 40 square miles in the heart of Central Florida.
  • Total acreage devoted to maintained landscapes and gardens: 4,200. The gardens of the Walt Disney World Resort represent everything from a dry desert to a tropical rainforest.
  • Number of hanging baskets on show at one time: 800. In order to create a ball-shaped begonia basket, nearly 20 begonia plugs are planted on the tops and sides of the basket.
  • Number of hanging baskets produced each year: about 14,000. On average, each basket is in production for three months and “on stage” for three months.
  • Number of bedding plants and annuals planted each year: Over 3.5 million. Over 200,000 additional bedding plants are added to the landscape each year for the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival.
  • Number of shrubs maintained in the landscape: over 4 million. In the Le Notre garden at the France pavilion, 985 shrubs were used to create a parterre de broderie, or embroidered pattern.
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More Fun Facts

  • Total number of plant species represented: nearly 3,500. The species represent flora gathered from every continent except Antartica.
  • Number of irrigation valves that are controlled by 860 irrigation controllers: over 11,000. Of those valves approximately 7,500 use reclaimed water.
  • Sustainability is at the heart of Walt Disney World Horticulture. That’s why 80% of Walt Disney World Resort is irrigated using reclaimed water.
  • Over 80 sophisticated sensors monitor rainfall across Walt Disney World, ensuring outdoor plants receive just the right amount of water.
  • There are over 4 million shrubs maintained in the Disney landscape.
Flower and Garden Festival

The festival runs for over three months. It’s one of our favorite seasons at Epcot, so we hope you consider going there this spring. Let us know what you think of Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival this year!

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