Is Cinderella’s Royal Table worth 2 table credits?


Oh boy.  You know, the word “worth” is so totally subjective. Worth really translates to did your money get you something you wanted?  So, what this really boils down to is, does Cinderella’s Royal Table give your family what they want?  For my family of 4, my husband, our two daughters (7 and 14), and myself- Cinderella’s Royal Table is ALWAYS “worth” 2 table service credits.  Here are my top 5 reasons why Cinderella’s Royal Table is worth 2 dining credits…

#1.  The food and service are great.

Seriously.  I don’t care what you have heard, but any place that serves shrimp and grits is okay in my book.  Now, mind you, we are not foodies, but we do like to eat.  And so far, out of 8 or so visits, none of the 4 of us have found anything we didn’t like while we were there.  Breakfast is awesome and lunch is super good too, but I’m going to tell you straight, dinner is where it’s at. Especially if you can get a window seat close time for Wishes…

The service is great too! Once upon a time my steak was a bit on the cool side.  I mentioned it casually to my husband, and the cast member, with her supersonic Disney hearing, came and whisked it away and I had a new, much warmer steak before I could hardly register what had happened.

#2.  Everything is included.

Oh gratuity.  Do not mistake me.  I do not mind paying gratuity not one bit.  I tip and I tip well because I remember those college days waiting tables.  But, at Disney, meals are expensive, and those gratuities start to add up quick.  At Cinderella’s Royal Table, gratuity and pictures are included in the price!  These two things added together equal the cost of a table service credit. And say what you will, but this mama needs those pictures.  Those are my souvenir everywhere we go. I have many years worth of Cinderella pictures.  In fact, I can almost chronicle my children’s entire childhoods through Cinderella pictures alone, not to mention the evolution of Cinderella’s dress.  So having both of those thing added in is a definite “worth” it to me!

#3.  Princesses!

As far as character dining goes, you are getting some pretty big bang for your buck. (Or less bang if your little kid makes you buy a Cinderella wig right before going in for dinner.  But that is another story for another day.) You get a private audience and pictures with Cinderella and then some special one on one time with Ariel, Aurora, Jasmine, and Snow White.  We’ve never been rushed and have had plenty of time for pictures and autographs and hugs.  But, Savvy Disney Mama, I can see princesses at Akershus too. Yes, my Savvy Disney friends, you can. But they aren’t in a CASTLE.  Which leads me to number 4…

#4.  You get to eat in a castle.

And not just any old dark and damp and drafty castle.  But the castle.  The castle that launches a thousand Disney movies.  THE CASTLE.  Now you would think that having two daughter it would be one of them demanding that we go every single time we visit WDW.  This is not the case.  It is not either of them. Or me. That leaves…Savvy Disney Dad.  Yep, Savvy Disney Dad says his Disney vacation is never complete until he eats in the castle and gets to say hello to Jasmine…hmmmmm…..

#5.  Credits are better than Dollars

By using dining credits, Savvy Disney Dad does not have an immediate heart attack when he sees the bill.  As the cast member hands it to him I can say, “Remember, all those numbers mean nothing.  We’re on the dining plan. We already paid for that.” To which he responds with an audible sigh of relief (even though he knows, he still likes for me to tell him just to be sure).  He can leave happy with a full belly and relatively full pockets and be ready to face the next adventure Disney has to offer us.  I can leave without having to hear about how expensive dinner was for the next 45 minutes.  That right there is “worth” its weight in gold.

So there you have it, folks. The top 5 reasons why Cinderella’s Royal Table is “worth” 2 table service credits.  What do you think? Do you think it’s “worth” it?

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  1. It is ‘worth” that look of awe as a little girl sees any princess and the memories that are made. We will be going to eat in the castle i can’t wait for the memories made!

  2. These character meals are game changers. We all get an air conditioned, shaded, sit down, break, my kid gets her fill of princess/pirate/whatever attention, and now, at 6, she has no desire to stand in a line for hours to meet anybody. Absolutely worth it.

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