Is Disney Moving Forward With All Virtual Queues?

virtual queue

So much exciting Disney tea was spilled at the IAAPA Expo, and there are so many exciting new projects Disney has in store for us! We were able to get some exciting first looks at many upcoming new attractions, including the new Space 220 restaurant and the ride vehicles for the new Guardians of the Galaxy attraction both coming to EPCOT. We also got a look at the vehicles for the new Spiderman attraction, WEB-SLINGERS: A Spiderman Adventure coming to Disneyland Resort. In between showing off the new attractions and experiences that are coming, a very interesting statement was made that may lead us to believe Disney could be working towards all virtual queues.

One comment, in particular, seemed to stand out. “Do you really have to wait in line?” This comment was made by Disney’s Parks, Experiences and Products Chairman, Josh D’Amaro. This seemingly inconspicuous question came in the midst of Mr. D’Amaro heaping well-deserved praise on how Disney as a company has handled business during the pandemic. He particularly praised the online reservation system and its effectiveness at controlling crowds and limiting capacity. D’Amaro challenged Disney Imagineers to go even further and dare to dream even bigger in the coming future. He stated, “These dares don’t just apply to big, new moonshot products and experiences. They apply to our products and experiences today. Do you really have o wait in line? Why can’t guests choose exactly what they want to do when they want to do it?” Now, choosing exactly what you want to do and when you want to do it while visiting a Disney park seems like a dream for any Disney lover. It has us thinking, could virtual queues be on the horizon for every attraction?

virtual queue

There have been lots of rumors circulating, even before the pandemic hit, that Disney would someday forgo the Fastpass system and opt for a virtual queue system to reserve time slots for attractions. The virtual queue system is currently used for the attraction Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance at Disney’s Hollywood Studios park. It would make sense that Disney would try a new system with one popular attraction first, and slowly add more attractions to the system. It is very likely that Disney is perfecting this virtual queue system while it is being offered for this one attraction.

While we have not heard any official announcement from Disney about adding virtual queues to more attractions, it does seem like having a new system next year would be perfect timing to make the 50th-anniversary celebrations at Walt Disney World Resort even more exciting and convenient for guests. With the suspension of Fastpasses, guests are slowly starting to see increasing stand by wait times, as capacity slowly increases throughout the parks. One thing is certain, Disney is always trying to improve guest experiences. We can only hope that Mr. D’Amaro’s comment was a glimpse into the future!

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