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What are Magic Bands? How do they work?


Magic Bands are rubberized adjustable bracelets introduced at Walt Disney World initially to be used in place of the plastic Key to the World card tickets. They can now be used not only to enter the park, but to redeem (at ride or attraction entrances) FastPass+, to open your on-property resort room door, and  to “pay” using your Dining Plan. Additionally, if you choose to link a credit card to your resort reservation, you can use the Magic Band to charge purchases, or meals.

Magic Bands contain an RFID(radio frequency identification) chip that is encoded with basic information, and when tapped to special Mickey head icons, that information is shared to allow you to do one of the activities listed above.  Each magic band has a Mickey head emblem engraved into it, and it is this emblem that must make contact with the specific icons to work. Magic bands are waterproof, and fully adjustable, even to fit the wrists of small children.  The band does not have to be removed to work, making it very convenient. At its most effective use, guests will not have to carry cash, credit cards, or room keys. Occasionally, the bands do not function correctly, so it is advisable to keep your card ticket tucked in your wallet in case of a problem.

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