Oh Baby: Your Stroller Questions Answered

Disney Strollers
Disney Strollers

Oh Baby: Your Stroller Questions Answered 1

Traveling to Disney with little ones is always a challenge. When you average 10 miles A-day on foot a good stroller is a must!  However, the questions when planning to use strollers at Disney parks are abundant. Yes, Walt Disney World has special requirements for strollers, and yes they exist for a reason. With that in mind here are some of the most frequently asked questions in regards to what sort of stroller you can take with you in the park.

Are There Size Requirements? A

If you’re unfamiliar, there are specific regulations for strollers that are allowed into the parks. Per Walt Disney World, strollers must be smaller than 36″ x 52″ (92 x 132 cm). Anything larger would not be allowed to enter into the park. Size makes all the difference. For starters, if you’re stroller is too large…you’ll encounter space issues in the Parks. Secondly, if you’re looking at utilizing the buses, boats, or monorails…other guests matter as well. A bulky, exceptionally large stroller is not ideal and takes up a little too much space.

Can I Bring a Wagon?

This is probably the question we get the most. Although technically, not a stroller, it makes sense to use a fold-out wagon for your day at the Magic Kingdom, no?  Sadly, no. They aren’t allowed in the parks- they are a tripping hazard for other guests. This goes for all trailers or vehicles that are “tow behind.” A good general rule: if you push it in front of you it’s likely ok. If you pull it behind you it is definitely not. Many of us (especially those with children who play sports) have a fold-away wagon, but when traveling to Disney…leave it at home!

Speaking of fold-away…this is a must! When using Disney transportation, you are expected to fold-away strollers. This isn’t a huge issue as strollers are mostly fold-away in design. However, holding up a line while trying to fold up your complicated quad stroller is probably not efficient. Buses, boats, and monorails all have scheduled! Along those lines, something else to heavily consider…your stroller mostly will not be permitted on rides, at shows, and in restaurants. This can be a huge hassle when trying to make dining reservation or fast pass times.

Can I Rent a Stroller? 

YES!  Disney World has stroller rental options. If you’re looking to rent from Disney, you can find them near the front gate of all parks. And the prices aren’t too bad. $15 a day for a single stroller, and $31 a day for a double! It’s best, however, if you chose this option, to purchase multiday rentals as they will save you some dough! There are some considerations to take into account if you’re thinking of renting from Disney. You can’t necessarily utilize them everywhere…this includes water parks and your resort because they are checked out at the front page of the Park each day and turned back in on your way out. So if your little one is going to need a stroller outside of the Park this may not be the best bet. However, there are many rental companies not affiliated with Disney that you can rent from. Many will even deliver and pick up at your Resort Hotel!

Helpful Tips (Most Learned the Hard Way!)

Make it unique! Remember that your stroller won’t be the only one sitting in parking areas. It’s best to attempt to find a creative way to make your stroller stand out. It isn’t entirely unheard of for individuals to grab the wrong stroller and walk off. This is true for those who rent strollers as well. Be able to identify your stroller. Use a balloon tied off to the handles, a custom sign (Etsy is a great resource) a colorful shoe string or some other unique identifier toset it apart from others.

Know your stroller! Know how to collapse it and extend it back to its rolling-goodness. Not everyone is patient and wants to wait behind someone struggling to board a bus with a stroller. It’s also a bit inconsiderate. Know how to stow it away!

Be courteous. When using a stroller in the parks…imagine your driving (that is, unless you’re a very aggressive driver)! Most of these will be common sense: Stay to the right. Try not to pass others unless necessary.  Do not stop suddenly and remember to be constantly vigilant of other guests. Getting your foot run over never feels good, but it’s bound to happen. We’ve all been there. However, you can decrease the likely hood by following normal traffic laws.

Don’t be the person who tries to ignore the rules. Don’t just leave your stroller wherever. It will get moved by a cast member. Strollers aren’t allowed in ride queues or in dining facilities. Park it in the designated area. Also important to keep in mind: even if you park it properly it may be moved. Cast Members are always moving them around to utilize space to its maximum potential so your stroller may not ALWAYS be where you left it (that’s where that unique identifier comes in handy!)

Probably one of the most important tips! Although strollers are great for storing all sorts of things when traveling the parks, don’t leave things of value alone when your stroller is parked! We’re serious! It’s a magical happy place but things still happen.  It’s happened to me and countless others. Secure your items. A stroller is not a safe!

Strollers are always a hot-topic for planning a trip to Walt Disney World. However, it really doesn’t have to be a huge issue. If you have a stroller that doesn’t meet the size requirement, go pick up a cheap collapsible stroller. Those usually travel better anyway. Usually, they don’t run more than 25 bucks. Strollers can make or break a vacation, and Disney parks are no different. Ensuring you understand what you can and can’t do with strollers at Walt Disney World PRIOR to visiting will save you time, money, and probably a headache!

Oh Baby: Your Stroller Questions Answered 2

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