Rapid Fill Refillable RFID Mugs – Can They Only Be Used in the Resorts?

Q. “Are the resort refillable mugs only refillable at your resort or can they be filled in the park too?”

A. The Disney Resort Rapid Fill mugs may be purchased at your Walt Disney World Resort’s “Quick Service” location and can be used at any of the Walt Disney World Resorts self-serve drink fountain stations throughout the length of your stay. The mugs can be used as often as you like until 11:59 PM of the final day of use. There is a mandatory 2½ minute delay between refills. Coffee, hot chocolate, iced tea and water and ice are not restricted by the chips and will be available to use with your Refillable Mug in addition to your Resort’s Drink Fountain.

You also, do not have to stay at a Walt Disney World Resort to purchase a Refillable Mug.

How They Work

The Rapid Fill mugs employ a radio frequency identification (RFID) chip embedded at the bottom of the mug which activates the beverage dispenser when the mug is placed in front of the sensor. These are only operational at the  Walt Disney World Resorts for the length of days that you purchased for the mug. The Disney Resort Rapid Fill mugs are refillable only at the Walt Disney World Resorts, NOT in the parks.

Warning, due to the embedded RFID chip, these mugs can NOT me microwaved!

Rapid Fill Prices

The original pricing plans were a tiered structure based on the number of days in your stay: $8.99 for 1 Day, $11.99 for 2 Days, $14.99 for 3 Days, and $17.99 for Length of Stay (up to 14 consecutive days).

In late Spring, 2015 The Walt Disney World Resort changed the pricing structure. The tiered pricing was eliminated and now all Disney Resort Rapid Fill Mugs are priced at $ 16.49 plus tax AND ARE GOOD FOR THE ENTIRE LENGTH OF YOUR STAY!

Disney Dining Plan

If you are participating in the Disney Dining Plan you will receive (1) Complimentary Rapid Fill Mug per person, per family as part of your Dining Package at no additional charge.

Have A Magical Vacation!

-Don & Tina Korta

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  1. So how does the $16.49 refillable for you entire stay work if you are not staying at a Disney resort? Can you still purchase 14 consecutive days and for how much?

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