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SeaWorld Orlando’s Aquatica: First Water Park Designated as a Certified Autism Center

Seaworld’s Aquatica Orlando is the first water park in the world to hold the distinction of  being a “Certified Autism Center”. The water park worked very hard to add the necessary resources for their visitors with autism and underwent extensive training in order to become an official certified autism center.  This certification was designated by the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES). The staff at Aquatica will be working closely with IBCCES to ensure that guests with autism will have a positive experience during their visit.

As a Certified Autism Travel Professional, I can tell you that in order to have this designation, Aquatica staff had to finish specific required training including undergoing autism sensitivity and awareness courses aimed to assist guests and their family members.  They also have to pass a comprehensive autism competency exam. In order to keep this certification, they will need to continually train and re-certify every two years. Aquatica was also required to have an onsite review to complete the process of the certification and this included guest experiences.

Aquatica will be providing their guests with specific information about rides and attractions to help them plan their day with respect to their individual needs.  The park will have pre-visit planning resources added to their website, along with IBCCES sensory guides available to those autistic guests. The park will also have a designated quiet room located next to Health Services that include adjustable lighting if the guest needs a place to take a break.

Sesame Place, another SeaWorld-owned property located in Pennsylvania, became the first theme park to be designated by the IBCCES as a “Certified Autism Center” last year and Aquatica is very proud to be included on this list.

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