Sick at Disney? What to Do!

Disney World Sick
Disney World Sick

Sick at Disney? What to Do! 1

You have been planning this vacation for months, or maybe even years. Now, the big trip is here! You are picturing all of the wonder and magic of the first time your child sees Cinderella’s Castle, or meets his or her favorite character or braves their first roller coaster.

For me, it was the anticipation of my son’s first time on Flight of Passage. Riding on the bus on the way to Animal Kingdom on a bright morning, my son began to get his infamous “sick” look. Sure enough, when we stepped off the bus, he ran to the grass…I’ll let you use your imagination to figure out what happened next.

GAH! Flight of Passage Fast Passes aren’t easy to come by, especially when we were there. sigh But…back to my sick son who was down for the count for one full day. Luckily, it was a quick 24-hour bug that didn’t spread through the entire family and we did not need to seek medical attention, but there may be cases where you will need to do so. No matter how much money and planning went into your trip, those unexpected illnesses and accidents do happen! Even if you do have hard to come by Fast Passes.

So what does one do when the most magical place in the world isn’t so magical? When you feel like you are on the spinning teacups when you haven’t even stepped foot into a park? When Grumpy, Sneezy, and Sleepy aren’t just the names of dwarves, but the names of everyone in your group? Keep reading to find out.

I’m Sick in a Park!

There is a First Aid Station near the entrance of each of the four parks, as well as at the water parks. If you get a minor injury in the park, need assistance with heat-related issues,  or are looking for a band-aid or over the counter pain medication, this is your best bet. If you need further medical attention, they will be able to send you to the right place.

I’m Sick in my Room!

Here’s another great reason to stay at a Disney Resort. If you are ill in your room and think you need a doctor, call the front desk. They will send a person to come and check you out and give you advice as to whether you need to visit the local Avent Health Centra Care Urgent Care Center or a trip to the hospital. Disney offers free transportation to off-site medical centers. Turner Drugs also works with Disney to have medications sent to the pharmacy.

A call to the front desk will also help you out if you cannot leave your room because you are staying with your sick child, or you yourself cannot make a trip out for over the counter medication, heating pads, ointments, band-aids, etc. These Disney folks truly know what they are doing, and will do everything in their power to keep your trip as magical as possible!

Are you an Amazon Prime member? Guess what? You can use Amazon Prime Now to have items delivered to your resort in as little as 2 hours. Need a humidifier? Amazon Prime Now. Some orange juice or electrolyte replacement drinks? Amazon Prime Now. A book to help you get over your depression of missing out on all of the fun? Yep, you guessed it! Amazon Prime Now. Try to ensure to have the delivery straight to your room, or be sure to call luggage services to be on the lookout so that your items don’t get buried and delivered beyond a point of usefulness.

What do I do to Feel Better Quickly?

  • Send out the healthy ones to enjoy what they can if you are able to to give those who are not feeling well some quiet time and rest. There’s no point in everyone missing out!
  • Take a warm bath or shower. It will help relax your aching muscles and clear up any stuffy noses or congestion.
  • Slip into some comfortable pajamas and SLEEP.
  • Read. Maybe it’s just me, but I love snuggling in with a book when I am not sick, and even more so when I am!
  • Order room service.
  • Drink some warm tea with honey to help with sore throats, congestion, coughing, or just relaxation.
  • Give control of the television to the ill person without complaining. (This is for you, healthy people. Yes, you may be watching the same Mickey Shorts over and over again to the point where you can repeat them word for word, but isn’t that better than having certain songs from certain rides–which shall remain nameless–repeating over and over in your head? I think yes.)

As for my son, who still has yet to ride Flight of Passage, we hope to remedy that on our next Disney trip this August…barring no unforeseen illnesses, of course!

Sick at Disney? What to Do! 2

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