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Since Disney+ has started releasing SparkShorts, a clear theme has developed amongst each different storyline. Love and acceptance is not unique in the scope of Disney. Pixar and Disney are famous for stories with characters yearning to find their place. Yet, there is something different and magical with what is being created with SparkShorts. Not only are the shorts giving us entertainment but a glimpse into how to become better friends, family and even coworkers.

  1. Purl
    • Simply a story about a ball of yarn trying to make it in a new company with her human coworkers. Purl is not a story of what to do in order to fit in, but what can we do to help someone feel more included. It’s a simple message but one that this little short does so well to convey. Purl shows a need for acceptance and is given the chance to give the gift of acceptance as well.
  2. Smash and Grab
    • Robots fighting for freedom from exhausting work? A feeling that is relatable to almost everyone. There is more out there than just backbreaking work and these robots yearn for an escape. More than the fight for freedom, sacrifice and the love that comes with friendship turns this story into so much more
  3. Kitbull (Nominated for an Acadamy Award)
    • Ready your tissues, an abused pit bull, and a stray kitten make unlikely friends. This story shows the massive change a little love and affection can make.
  4. Float
    • Fearful of what the world will make of his son’s ability, a father hides his son’s gift of flying. Will the father ever come to accept who his child truly is – or will his fear of the unknown take control? Parents of children with disabilities have been praising this unique and relatable story normally unseen in animation.
  5. Wind
    • The dream of escaping is not unique. It’s featured in Smash and Grab, as well as in this short. A grandmother and grandson are trapped in a chasm – but will the dream of a better life and the love of her grandson be a big enough motivator to venture out of what they know?
  6. Loop
    • When a boy arrives late to camp, he finds himself teamed up with an autistic girl for his canoeing partner. Acceptance and understanding are the main themes of this tale and SparkShorts do such a wonderful job navigating what can be a somewhat difficult topic.

Though there is more to come in the world of SparkShorts, these 6 short films tackle somewhat difficult topics in a lighthearted and emotional way. They’re great stories to show adults and children alike. Each fantastic story makes sure to get its point across in a way that everyone can understand and we cant wait to see what they come up with next!

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