Top 5 Reasons to Stay at Disney’s All Star Movies Resort

Disney’s All Star Movies Resort is one of the value resorts at Walt Disney World. The properties in the Value Tier are the most affordable, but they’re still remarkably good hotels. This hotel was the first on-property resort I stayed at and my family and I loved it! Here’s why I think you’ll love it too.


The theme of Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort is right there in the name. This hotel is a celebration of classic Disney cinema. The great thing is that it doesn’t just celebrate animated Disney films. There are five different areas on the campus. Each one is themed to a specific Disney film franchise. The five sections are 101 Dalmatians, Fantasia, Herbie the Love Bug, the Mighty Ducks, and Toy Story. The theming is fantastic and very well thought out!


There are two pools at All Star Movies; the Duck Pond pool and the Fantasia pool. While both are great for cooling off on a hot day, the Fantasia pool is absolutely amazing. Sorcerer Mickey stands on top of a platform and uses his magic to cast a spell which causes the water to dance around him. It’s visually stunning and everyone loves it!


The rooms at All Star Movies are recently refurbished! The rooms now have a cleaner and more streamlined look to them. The updated rooms also consist of a Murphy bed. This is great because when the bed is not in use, it can be folded up and serve as a table. There’s also plenty of room under the other bed for storage, and a sliding door at the bathroom for more privacy.

Food Court

The World Premiere Food Court at All Star Movies offers lots of great food options! They also have some amazing desserts. From themed cupcakes to tasty pastries, to an ice cream bar! Extra tip: this resort has a secret menu! Ask a castmember about it and you will be in for a real treat!


Let’s be real for a minute. Taking a Disney vacation can be quite pricy. If you have a stricter budget, then a value resort like All Star Movies is definitely the way to go. You get all the benefits of staying at an on-site Disney hotel at a more affordable price.

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