Top 10 Dole Whip Flavors to try at Disney World

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The Dole Whip is one of the most classic frozen treats at Walt Disney World. Many guests absolutely LOVE the pineapple soft serve. Did you know that there are multiple flavors of this popular treat? You don’t have to get the straight pineapple anymore! You can get many different flavors and combos. Here are our top 10 favorite flavors of Dole Whip.

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Strawberry Dole Whip

This strawberry Dole Whip is called Redd’s Revenge. It’s a sweet treat that honors the infamous Lady Pirate Redd from Pirates of the Caribbean. It is made of strawberry Dole Whip, Fanta strawberry, and a chocolate pirate hat.

Kakamora Float

The Kakamora float is the perfect tropical Dole Whip and can be found at Aloha Isle. It’s Coconut Soft-Serve on top of Pineapple Juice and Blue Curacao Syrup garnished with a chocolate Kakamora Cake Pop.

Raspberry Dole Whip

The raspberry Dole Whip is best known as the Hei Hei cone. Pineapple and raspberry dole whip on a cone decorated as the silly chicken from Moana, Hei Hei. Such a delicious combo! You can no longer get the cone, but you can still get your pineapple Dole Whip swirled with raspberry.

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Orange and Vanilla Dole Whip

Creamsicles are one of my favorite summer treats! Did you know you can make your Dole Whip a creamsicle? Found at Marketplace Snacks in Disney Springs, this orange slush with vanilla soft serve on top is a winner!

Mrs. Incredible Float

Strawberry Dole Whip and Lemon Dole Whip with Black Cherry Lemonade – POW! This Dole Whip float is perfect for the super hero in you. And it has some cute decorations too!

Lemon Lime Dole Whip

Growing up, lemon lime soda was my favorite! As a grown up, why not upgrade that to a lemon lime Dole Whip?! It’s delicious and refreshing and you can’t go wrong with it!

Chocolate Strawberry Dole Whip

Chocolate and strawberry – what more classic combo is there? These flavors just work together so well! Naturally, Disney had to combine them into a Dole Whip. It’s a swirl of Strawberry Dole Whip and chocolate soft-serve with a chocolate-dipped strawberry garnish. YUM!

Lime Dole Whip

Another tasty and refreshing Dole Whip is the lime Dole Whip. It is tart but perfect on a hot summer day! And, so adorable dressed up as Peter Pan.

Lemon Dole Whip

Just as refreshing and tart as the lime is the lemon Dole Whip! This flavor debuted as the Lost Princess Cone, representing Rapunzel. While the cone is gone, lemon stuck around a little longer — most notably at Pineapple Lanai at the Polynesian (well, at least prior to the closure).

Mango Dole Whip

What says tropical besides pineapple? Mango of course! Mango is irresistibly good and a flavor not to be missed!

What is your favorite Dole Whip flavor?


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