Top 13 Walt Disney World Attractions to Enjoy This Valentines Day

wdw celebrations anniversary 02
wdw celebrations anniversary 02

Top 13 Walt Disney World Attractions to Enjoy This Valentines Day 1

Making your way to Walt Disney World to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your loved one? There’s more than magic in the air when you visit the parks! There are plenty of memories to be made, fun treats to be eaten and great rides to enjoy together. But if you’re looking for rides or attractions with a bit of a romantic theme, the four parks are sure to have you covered.

  1. Dumbo the Flying Elephant (Magic Kingdom)
    • Cuddling up and soaring over the Magic Kingdom on this classic? There’s nothing sweeter than the memories made with your own “Baby, Mine”.
  2. Toy Story Mania (Hollywood Studios)
    • Pick up a pair of 3D glasses and enjoy this compete with your partner for the highest points!
  3. Under The Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid (Magic Kingdom)
    • Would you give up your voice for love? Travel under the sea to follow along with this classic tale and maybe, *spoiler* it will end with a happy ending!
  4. The Haunted Mansion (Magic Kingdom)
    • Some may disagree due to the theme, but The Haunted Mansion has everything that makes a ride romantic! Dim lights, Doom Buggys for two, and hitch-hiking ghosts! What? The last one isn’t romantic? Oh well. Enjoy the ride and be sure to hurry back!
  5. Na’vi River Journey (Animal Kingdom)
    • Snuggle up for a journey into Pandora and enjoy all the beautiful lights and bioluminescence that this ride has to offer.
  6. Soarin’ Around the World(Epcot)
    • Escape Epcot for a bit with this ride! Buckle up, take a deep breath, and travel with your love through countries you may have never seen before.
  7. Peter Pan’s Flight (Magic Kingdom)
    • On a romantic day out, there’s nothing better than to take your own ship and journey off to Neverland! Soar over London and perhaps a Mermaid Lagoon.
  8. Affection Section (Animal Kingdom)
    • Okay, this is not a romantic ride or attraction, but how cute are baby animals that you can pet! Plus, the attraction is called the affection section – and what’s better than that?
  9. Jungle Cruise (Magic Kingdom)
    • You’re paying for this trip, might as well enjoy a cruise! Included in your park ticket is a lovely journey through the jungle brought to you by a very punny tour guide. It’s Valentine’s day! Take your partner on a trip within a trip you know they’re going to love.
  10. The Magic Carpets of Aladdin (Magic Kingdom)
    • If you’re looking for a different experience than Dumbo’s ride and would love to show your best friend “the world” – take them on a Magic Carpet Ride! It worked for Aladdin after all!
  11. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (Hollywood Studios)
    • Of course, you have to ride this! You’re on a vacation, you’ve ridden your rides, you’ve got to check into your hotel! Why not the Hollywood Tower Hotel? Nothing should possibly be wrong with the elevator…
  12. Space Mountain (Magic Kingdom)
    • Relationships are often like space travel. You’re always exploring the unknown, it can sometimes be stressful and scary, but in the end, you look back and find yourself stronger and happier you did it together. Like how I did that? Enjoy this journey into space together! You’ll be glad you did.
  13. Fireworks (All Parks)
    • At the end of a long day of riding rides and snacking away, find a nice spot to enjoy one of the best parts of the parks – The Fireworks. There’s not much else to say, except they are something that should not be missed when putting the final touch on your perfect Disney date.

Whatever ride you choose will have great memories to follow. These rides are merely a suggestion! Find what ride feels right for you and your partner and enjoy the magic you make along the way!

Top 13 Walt Disney World Attractions to Enjoy This Valentines Day 2

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