Top 5 “SECRET” Bathrooms at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World


Everybody loves a good Top 5, don’t they? Well, this top 5 will give you some tips about the most UNCROWDED  bathrooms in Walt Disney World. I’ll give you the best at the Magic Kingdom, but shhh…. they’re SECRET so don’t tell everyone or they will get crowded like the rest of them!

Adventureland: Just on the right side of the Pirates of the Caribbean, in a quiet and usually calm/ shaded & dark, and hardly ANYBODY seems to know about it. There is a courtyard just outside of the bathroom that is a great place to sit and rest in the shade. I think since its right in the bend of where people walk from Adventureland walking into/ from Frontierland that most people don’t even see it.

Liberty Square: If you go INSIDE of Columbia Harbor House Restaurant you will not only find some yummy food but if you go up to the second floor you will find some peace and quiet and a totally secret bathroom! Seriously, hardly anybody knows about it at all! Check it out!

Storybook Circus: At the VERY back of Storybook Circus, just before you board the train is a bathroom seldom used simply because of how far back it is. So many people stop at Dumbo or at Barnstormer, so this means that very few people end up at this “extreme” back-forty of Magic Kingdom.

Tomorrowland: Inside the very rarely RARELY opened Tomorrowland Terrace Restaurant, there is a great and almost ALWAYS empty bathroom. The one beside it, before you technically enter Main Street, is usually quite busy, but if you go into the one actually inside the Terrace it’s great!

Tomorrowland: Between the Carousel of Progres and the bathroom is a very quiet bathroom that most people forget it is there at all. Especially in the evenings, you’ll find this particular bathroom almost completely vacant.

So next time you hear “Hey, I gotta go” make sure you head to one of these bathrooms. Not only will you avoid having more room, but you’ll also”enjoy the go” too!

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  1. It’s good to know about these! As a Disneyland veteran, I kept trying to figure out why all the bathrooms at WDW were so small and crowded. Guess I needed to find these!

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