Walk in the Steps of Boy Meets World with these 12 Walt Disney World Attractions 1

If you’ve bought a subscription to Disney+, you’ve noticed that plenty of your childhood favorites are at your fingertips! 90’s fans rejoiced at seeing their beloved Boy Meets World available for binging. If you haven’t seen the show in a while (or at all) – Season 3 (Episode 21) has a classic episode where Topanga and a few of her classmates win a trip to Walt Disney World. Cory, who realizes the single life is not for him, is concerned when she wins the trip, along with Ronnie “Lips” Waterman. Looking to prove himself as a man that Topanga can be with, Cory and Shawn head to Orlando anyways in order to win Topanga back!

Interested in seeing the same sights they did? Check out our list of rides and attractions that the show highlights.

  1. Dumbo the Flying Elephant – Magic Kingdom
    • Make sure to stop by this classic, not only for your own personal nostalgia but because Topanga rides it with Ronnie who is looking to make his next move! Don’t worry. It’s just a nightmare that Cory is having. Topanga’s lips are safe!
  2. The Living Seas, now The Seas with Nemo & Friends – Epcot
    • The theme may have changed but you can enjoy the same dolphin tank that Topanga and her classmates get a behind the scene look at! Epcot does have a tour called “Epcot Seas Adventures – Dolphins in Depth” that you can enjoy an unforgettable swimming with the dolphin’s experience.
  3. Spaceship Earth – Epcot
    • Though we don’t see Cory and Shawn go into the actual ride, they take the route from the ticket booths down a very empty walkway right in front of Spaceship Earth.
  4. Churro Cart – Epcot
    • Cory and Shawn wait in a very long line — just to get Churros. You won’t find a cart selling Churros just anywhere – but you can find them in Mexico’s World Showcase! Head to La Cantina de San Angel and grab one. Even if it’s not the same place they got it from, it still counts… right?
  5. Splash Mountain – Magic Kingdom
    • Cory and Shawn couldn’t find a place to sleep, so what better place than to crash on one of the Splash Mountain logs? It may not be comfortable, but what I think we should all be impressed by is the fact that both of them got away with spending the night in the park.
  6. Meet Beast (from Beauty and the Beast) – Magic Kingdom
    • Looking frantically for Topanga – Shawn and Cory ask the Beast for some help. This may be a harder character to meet but the Beast has been known to walk around, meeting guests at Be Our Guest. Better keep an eye out for this one!
  7. Meet Goofy – Magic Kingdom
    • Still looking for Topanga, Goofy was asked for help as well. Unfortunately, though no fault of his own, he seemed to be just as unhelpful! You can find Goofy at Pete’s Silly Side Show.
  8. Tomorrowland Speedway – Magic Kingdom
    • Following Topanga and Ronnie, Cory zooms by on the motorway trying to get Topangas attention.
  9. Morocco Pavilion – Epcot
    • Dressed as a cast member, Cory catches Topanga off guard here!
  10. France Pavilion – Epcot
    • You can have your caricature drawn in plenty of places – but Topanga gets hers drawn at the France Pavilion (by Cory of course)
  11. Coral Reef Resturant – Epcot
    • Ronnie tries to grab Topangas attention at the Coral Reef Resturant. She’s unimpressed and finds Cory trying to get her attention from within the tank.
  12. Fountains of Nations – Epcot
    • You can’t kiss in front of this fountain just like Corey and Topanga did, but find the spot and find someone to smooch anyways!

Hopefully, this list gave you a rush of nostalgia and some new memories for some old favorites. Have fun and enjoy Disney World the way the gang did!

Photo by Disney

Walk in the Steps of Boy Meets World with these 12 Walt Disney World Attractions 2

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