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What are some good items to ship to the resort, instead of pack in my luggage?

Question: What are some good items to ship to the resort,  instead of pack in my luggage?

Answer: As some of you may know, you can ship a package to your resort and pick it up from the front desk upon check-in. It’s easy and can save you money, especially if you are flying (overweight baggage fees are pretty pricey) You can send your  package 4-5 days before you arrive and they will hold it for you. I prefer sending a large Flat Rate Box from the Post Office (if it fits, it ships!)

Items to send:

  • Snacks for the parks:  granola bars, applesauce pouches, candy,  trail mix, etc.
  • Food for the room: crackers, Pop Tarts, peanuts, cereal bars, and flavored coffee creamer cups.
  • A box of sandwich bags for taking snacks into the park, or down to the pool.
  • An extra pair of shoes could save room and weight in your suitcase.
  • A case of bottled water to save snack credits, or keep in the room fridge.
  • Some people like to bring full-sized toiletries or lotions that are over the 4 oz. rule for flying.
  • Other ideas: sunscreen, razors, ponchos, a corkscrew, scissors, goggles, and a night-light.
  •  I add items for my kids too, such as glow sticks, clings for the room window, and a roll of quarters and pennies for pressed coin machines.

Resort shipping addresses can be found on the Disney website, or with a Google search. Make sure to label your package: “Hold for Guest (your name) Arriving on (date).” 

What do you like to ship to the resort? Do you think it saves money? Leave a comment below! If you have any other questions, or would like a free price quote for your next Disney Vacation, please contact me, I’d love to hear from you! summer@worldofmagictravel.com

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