What do I do if I lose something at Disneyland?

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Most people don’t think about what happens if they lose something while enjoying their Magical vacation until they have to — when they have actually lost something . I know that this was the case for me, too – but now I have first hand knowledge. So, what do you do if you lose something while at Disneyland?

Over Labor Day weekend my family and I were enjoying a trip to Disneyland. We walked out of Off the Page after enjoying Turtle Talk with Crush and after getting my son ready to stroll I reached for my phone — it wasn’t in my pocket. It wasn’t in my bag. It was gone. I couldn’t call it from my husband’s phone because my phone was on airplane mode and even if it had been turned on it was on vibrate. What do you do if you find yourself in a situation like this?

The first, and most obvious, thing to do is to look for it. My husband went back inside and because the next showing had already started a Cast Member went inside to look for us. Nothing.

The next option was to look inside the store that we exited through. We spoke with the Cast Members inside – no one had found it. Be sure to ask if anyone has turned it in.

If no one has turned it in and/or you are unable to look for it because you lost an item while on a ride your next or first step will be to head to Guest Relations. In both Disneyland and California Adventure Guest Relations is located at the front of the park. At Guest Relations you will be asked to describe your item – they will check to see if it has been turned in – and if it has it will be returned to you.

If your item is not at Guest Relations they will direct you to Lost and Found, which is located just outside of Disneyland, and they will also hand you Lost and Found’s card. You can make your way to the actual location to file your report or you can call (714) 816-2166. Lost and Found is available from 8am – 8pm. At this point you will file a missing item report – basically just detailing what you lost and where. In my case they asked for my phone model, the color, if it had a case, what appeared on the lock screen and if it had a passcode (and what it was) so that they could identify it. If your item is turned in Lost and Found will notify you by phone.

We were informed that cell phone must be delivered to Lost and Found within two hours of being found.

Also, after closing time each night every ride and attraction is inspected for lost items. Your lost item will mostly likely be found. The only chance of it not being found and returned is if someone finds it and keeps it – after all, sadly, there are dishonest people in the world.

* While my husband filed the report with Lost and Found over they phone (they were incredibly helpful), I went back to look one last time. It ended up that my phone was on the floor in front of the seat that I had been sitting in.*

If you lose something more important than a souvenir or phone, for instance a child the information for that situation can be found here.

So, while no one expects to lose something while on vacation, now you know what to do if you lose something while at Disneyland. Speaking of Disneyland – contact me at miriyawhitaker@worldofmagictravel.com for a FREE quote and/or to start planning a trip to the Dazzling Diamond Celebration!

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