What Do I Do With My Mickey Balloon When My Disney Trip Is Over?

Disney balloons

We’ve all done it.  If you have been to Walt Disney World with a small child, you definitely have faced this scenario.  You enter Magic Kingdom and your child starts begging for the colorful Mickey balloons.  Your rational mind tells you no.  You tell your child no. You have a souvenir budget.  Then, somehow, you end up leaving Magic Kingdom with that Mickey balloon!  I mean, it is hard to say no at Walt Disney World!  Who thinks practically when surrounded by all that magic? But once you exit those gates and reality hits, then what? What do you do with that Mickey balloon now that the trip is over?

Disney balloons

  • Pay it forward

I remember back in the days of paper Fastpasses how much fun it was to give unused Fastpasses to unsuspecting random guests as we would leave.  There was such joy in this simple gesture!  Now that Fastpass+ is digital, you cannot share the love anymore.  BUT, you can with your Mickey balloon! Try it next time.  On your way out of the park, hand it off to a random family just entering. There is something pretty cool about being able to spread some pixie dust!

  • Make a stress ball out of it

If you have one of the rubber or latex Mickey balloons, you can re-purpose it into a stress ball. Simply deflate your balloon and take it home. Then decide which part of the balloon you want to use. Of course, this will be the part with Mickey’s printed face. Fill your balloon with flour. This is best done using a funnel. Once you have filled it to the size you want, tie off the balloon in a tight knot. Last, you will want to snip off all excess parts of the balloon that are not part of the new stress ball. Voila! Custom stress ball!  Use it to help you with your Post Disney Depression, because as all Disney Addicts know, that is a real thing!

  • Use it for a craft, special décor, or scrapbook

Once deflated you can use both rubber/latex balloons and Mylar balloons for many craft projects. Frame it for a unique wall-hanging. Cut and use special pieces in your trip scrapbook. You can even use a Mylar balloon for wrapping “paper”.  Get creative! I am not creative so I’d love to see what ideas others have in regards to reinventing their balloon into something really fun!

  • Take it home and re-inflate it

Did you know if you deflate your balloon carefully enough, it can be re-inflated once you get home? Carefully untie it or snip off just the very end with the knot.  This way, you can pack your balloon in your suitcase and take it home with you easily.  Once home, take your deflated balloon to your local party supply store or flower shop– anywhere that sells helium balloons.  They can re-inflate it for you! Then you can enjoy that magical balloon at home! This is another way to deal with that Post Disney Depression we were talking about.

Do you have any creative ideas for re-purposing your Mickey balloon?  Please share with us!

Balloons on Main Street

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