What if I Have Car Trouble at Disney World?

Disney Car Care Center

What if I Have Car Trouble at Disney World?

A vacation at Walt Disney World is supposed to be  a magical time, so what happens when life gets in the way and something less than magical, like your car breaking down, happens? Just like with everything else, Disney has provided a solution!

Last summer my family was excitedly making our way from Michigan to Orlando when my husband noticed the car seemed to be having issues. I tried to reassure him that it was nothing, but after our 1200+ mile trip we pulled into our resort parking lot assured that we had a problem. What were we going to do? We had just arrived to enjoy our vacation and now we had a car that wouldn’t be able to take us the 1200 miles back home when we were finished. We obviously, weren’t familiar with mechanic shops in the area… and then I remembered the Disney Car Care Center!

I called our Disney Resort front desk (we were staying for one night at All Star Sports before switching to Port Orleans French Quarter for the rest of our stay) and they were able to give me the phone number, hours, and directions on how to get there:

Car Care Center

1000 West Car Care Drive Bay Lake, Florida 32830

(407) 824-0976

The Car Care Center is located near Magic Kingdom and adjacent from Speedway. As a warning, my husband found it a little tricky to get to when you haven’t been there before. I would recommend taking a quick peak at a map so you will be at least semi-familiar with the area (the link for the Car Center has a map with it).

The Car Care Center is a full-service auto center and they also have rental cars for Disney guests, as well as offering roadside assistance. Roadside assistance is available up to an hour after the parks close and includes everything from helping when you run out of gas to towing your car to the Car Care Center.

Our car was still running, so my husband was able to drop the car off and they provided a shuttle that took him to the Transportation and Ticket Center (TTC). This was helpful because it allowed him to make it back to our resort with no added expense; however, it was extremely time-consuming. He had to wait until the shuttle was ready to leave the center for the TTC, then he had to take the monorail to Magic Kingdom and a bus back to our resort (we had then moved to PORFQ)! As you can imagine, this took a good chunk of time that I spent in the hotel room with our three children waiting for him to get back. If we were to need to use the Car Care Center in the future I would either call a taxi or Uber for a ride back and forth. I feel the little bit of money spent would be worth the extra time to enjoy our vacation.

Pricing. I’m sure everyone has heard and assumes that things around the Disney property are more expensive than normal. Not true at the Car Care Center. We found the price to be right on what we would have paid at any other quality auto center.

Reliable and knowledgeable. They got right back to us when they had pinpointed the problem and discussed several different options with my husband. They got the job done when they said they would and stayed in contact to let us know when it was ready. We didn’t have to worry for a minute that our car wouldn’t be ready in time for our trip home. Once the car was ready my husband got himself back to the TTC, and called for the shuttle. He did have a longer wait for the shuttle than we would have preferred, but once they got him he was able to get the car back to the resort, and get back to our vacation.

No one likes to deal with car trouble, especially on vacation, but if you do find yourself there, remember that Disney has you covered!


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