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What is the Best Stroller for a Disney Vacation?

Question: What is the best stroller to use on my Disney Vacation?

Answer:  I wish is was a simple answer, but, to some extent, it depends on the needs of your family.  There are several things that are important features to look for when deciding what stroller is best for your family.  First, a large storage basket underneath your stroller.  Honestly, the bigger the better!  We keep a soft cooler with drinks and snacks, a diaper bag and a camera bag in our basket.  I love the additional storage.  Second, a tray for your little one.  I love being able to throw some snacks and a drink on the tray as we move from attraction to attraction.  It keeps our little one busy and saves us time from having to stop for a snack.  Third, drink holders for Mom and Dad.  A ‘parent’s console’ is another must-have on my stroller list.  Allowing you to be hands free while pushing your stroller around is priceless!  Finally, for us, a canopy that I can pull over my little one to keep the sun off of him is a must!  It also allows me to drape a blanket over him during nap time for added darkness.

Now because I don’t want to leave you totally hanging if you were looking for a specific stroller recommendation, here are my top 3 strollers for the parks:  1. City Mini Stroller by Baby Jogger 2. LiteRider Classic Connect by Graco and 3. Cherokee Sport Stroller by Jeep.

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  • My top 2 Strollers from many miles of experience over two different cherubs: City Mini Classic and the Combi Cosmo. Are top concerns are pretty basic. It has to fold easily and as thin or small as possible for Bus/Boat/tram riding. Also light enough that one parent can handle it while we divide and conquer children and bags. Comfortable recline because YOU NEED IT. I love a basic umbrella stroller but not in Disney, not if I want and need my kids to sleep between attractions or parks. Both of these strollers come in a double model I hear are the bee’s knees but are older models of the singles are still ticking and not much has changed over the years. Happy Park Hopping!

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