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What are Tsum Tsums?

Question: What are these tsum tsum things I keep hearing about?

Answer: “Stack Stacks” (in Japanese) are the cutest, hottest, new collectible toys from Disney. These cuddly little plush characters are a mix between a Beanie Baby and  A Pillowpet. They come in SO many different characters now, and in 3 sizes. The smallest are 4 inches long, the mediums are 12 inches long, and the largest ones are, well, just huge (like in my picture)! Tsum Tsum’s are on all 3 of my childrens’ Christmas lists!

It all started when we saw a commercial on the Disney Channel for the App, Disney’s Tsum Tsums. and my daughter squeeled her “I-just-saw-something-Disney-on-t.v.” squeel. We downloaded the App and I got addicted to it! You connect as many of the same Tsum Tsum’s as you can to earn points. More levels = new characters. Try it!

They can be stacked on top of each other because they have beans in the bottom to hold them up.  You can find them all HERE. The small ones are going to  make great stocking stuffers! They are $4.95. The medium ones are perfect for cuddling at bedtime or taking with you on vacation to Disney, and they are only $12.95! The largest ones are $24.95.

You can’t find them at Disney World in the parks yet, but we did find them at the World of Disney store in Downtown Disney. They were only carrying the large Mickey & Minnie ones last month.

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Aww, their cuteness just makes me melt! In our house we  have Stitch, Pluto, Chip, Dale, Marie, and Dumbo. You can find really rare ones online, and order directly from Tokyo or Hong Kong!

Which Tsum Tsum has stolen your heart?  Want to play Tsum Tsums? My user name is snowwhiterose, add me! If you’d like to chat about your next vacation or get a free price quote for any Disney trip or Cruise, please email me at I am an Independent Travel Agent for World of Magic Travel, the preferred agency of the Disney Addicts. Find me on Facebook at 



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