When Will My MagicBands and Magical Express Luggage Tags Be Delivered?

Magic Bands
Magic Bands

Magic Bands

 I know that for me personally when my Disney countdown reaches the 30 day or under mark, not only am I giddy with excitement but start to wait daily to see what exciting deliveries will arrive from Disney.  Sometimes that wait can seem a little bit too long with guests getting worried that somehow these Disney travel essential have gotten lost in the mail, or that something went wrong in the process.  We here at DisneyAddicts hope that this article will provide you with a little bit of reassurance that everything is ticking along as it should be and if not what steps you take to ensure that you have a magical vacation.

Magic Bands- You have up until 30 days before you are due to arrive at Disney World to customize your MagicBands.  As you know this can be done through your My Disney Experience account.  Once you hit that 30-day window the status on your MagicBand page should go from “Customize” to “Processing” meaning that you no longer have the option of selecting color, personalizing etc. Usually, within a week of customization you will receive a message when you log into My Disney Experience letting you know that your MagicBands have been processed and are ready to ship.

Disney will send your MagicBands out to you via USPS Mail so it can take a while for them to make it your way.  I usually tell clients to wait about 10 days from the time that you receive your shipping notification for orders to arrive.  Luckily you will receive tracking numbers that will allow you to monitor where your MagicBands are in the shipping process.

My party is staying in more than one room. Only part of my group has received their MagicBands has something gone wrong? This is a question that tends to crop up quite a bit.  If your reservation is spread out across more than one room and you have more than one confirmation number, it is pretty likely that your MagicBands will not arrive on the same day. If you have received one batch but not the other then don’t worry.  The other shipment will reach you shortly.  Disney may be processing them or shipping them on different days or batches which accounts for the discrepancy.

What if my MagicBands just don’t show up? Let’s say the unthinkable happens and your MagicBands never arrive.  You will still be absolutely fine. As the first course of action contact Disney or your travel agent and see if you can get an update or have replacements sent out to you.  If it’s getting down to the wire, then don’t worry, you can simply get MagicBands when you arrive at your resort hotel.  The staff keep a back-up of Bands that can be loaded with all of your details and are exactly the same as the ones that would have arrived in the mail (without the customizations that you made).

Can I still take Magical Express without my MagicBands? Yes! Just speak to a Cast Member at the terminal who is able to arrange all of this for you.  Just remember, international travelers only have the option of picking up their MagicBands at their resort so the system is designed to accommodate you either way!.

Shipping details

Magical Express- A fantastic perk of signing up for Disney’s Magical Express airport transfer service is that you typically don’t have to pick up your luggage from baggage claim.  Rather, you will be sent luggage tags in the mail.  These are put onto your bags prior to checking them in.  This will signify to the attendees at Orlando International that Disney will be picking them up on your behalf and delivering them directly to your room for you.  These special luggage tags are typically sent out to clients anywhere between 2-3 weeks before arriva.

If it’s getting to be close to 2-3 weeks before your vacation and you haven’t received your luggage tags, give Magical Express a call at 407-939-1936 or contact your travel agent.  Replacements can usually be issued with a turnaround time of 7-10 business days.

What if I didn’t receive my luggage tags before my vacation? Again, please don’t worry.  I take a lot of last-minute Disney trips where I simply haven’t had time to set up Magical Express and have still been able to take advantage of their luggage delivery service every time.  Just simply hang onto your boarding pass that has your checked baggage tag affixed to it.   Head directly to Disney’s Magical Express service at the airport and present them with you baggage info.  Disney can actually call it in and retrieve your bags and will deliver them to your room.  They are also able to look up your reservation (with or without your MagicBands) and will register you for the service.  Guests should remember however that the baggage service is only available on flights arriving between 5am -1opm and on domestic flights.  Guests on international flights or those falling out with these times will need to pick up their luggage themselves before using the service.

So if your departure dates is 3 weeks away and you’re still waiting for MagicBands and Magical Express info, try not to worry.  Chances are these items are slowly making their way to you .  Also, remember that in the unlikely event their either one or both of these items does not show up, you will still have an amazing vacation and Disney has a system in place to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible despite these unexpected hiccups.

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