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Where Can I Get Tickets To A Sold Out Mickey’s Halloween Party?

Mickey's Halloween Party

So, the question is “Where can I get tickets to a sold out Mickey’s Halloween Party?”  and as it gets closer to the big day it keeps popping up more and more.  I know that you may be tempted to go to third party sites like StubHub, Ebay or even Craig’s List to purchase your event tickets, but buyer beware! These sites are not authorized by Disney to be selling their tickets and you may run into some unexpected trouble and at an exorbitant price (not just talking cash here!)!

Although these sites are great for some things, I would never recommend purchasing Disney Event tickets from a third party.  There is never a guarantee that these tickets are actually legitimate and you don’t want to arrive at Disneyland (or the Magic Kingdom), all decked out in your spectacular costumes, kids in tow, just to find out that the tickets were counterfeit and your not allowed into the party!  Talk about a let down and more than likely a meltdown and I’m not just talking from the kids on this one!

So when dealing with such a popular Disney event like Mickey’s Halloween Party (or Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party), it’s always better to plan ahead…and I mean way ahead….and purchase your tickets directly from Disney or through your World of Magic travel agent.  Events like this only come around once a year and are such fun events that you don’t want to run the risk of a huge disappointment once you arrive!  Keep your eyes open and watch the Disney Addicts and Chip and Co. websites for info on when tickets go on sale and get ready to call Disney or me to snag your event tickets!

So, what are your thoughts?  Have you ever had a bad experience with third party event tickets?  If you would like to share your experience and help a fellow Addict out, comment below!

I really hope that this helped answer your question about purchasing third party event tickets and remember that it’s always better to purchase from Disney direct.  I know that Mickey’s Halloween Party is sold out for this year, but if you need some help planning your spooktacular Disneyland trip for next Halloween, give me a shout!  I’d love to help an Addict out!  Shoot me an email at stepheniemarshall@worldofmagictravel.com and let the magic begin!

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  • I do and have used 3rd party ticketing services living in southern California and fed up with stadium and venue price gouging
    but the 3 I trust whould
    ,714 tickets in Anaheim on Douglass across the street from Honda Center

    And the clever brothers @1650 s harbor blv and gardenwalk

    OK so lets brake this down
    they tell you buyer beware when buying tickets form off site vendors stub hub has a lot of professional backings with teams and for example is the official resale for places like Dodger Stadium they also have a 100% guarantee on all tickets but tickets to the mickey mouse trick or treat party are redockulosly over priced way over priced on their website

    714 tickets is good for all things in Anaheim involving sports grate Angel /Duck tickets and there services are highly recommend I’ve never had an issue here and they verify authenticity

    The cleaver brothers are a official Disney ticketer
    And offer some fair deals never acctuly used them but I never heard or seen anything bad

    In the Los Angeles area around staples center Barry’s tickets @ the lux hotel and VIP tickets across the street have earned my trust

    but the I also agree with the writer if it’s Disney related go to Disney unless you work for a union and they sell Disney tickets

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