Why did Disney pick Princess & the Frog for Splash Mountain update?

Many Disney fans were surprised to hear the breaking news about Splash Mountain being replaced with a new theme. It’s been a classic Disney Parks attraction for guests who visit the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland theme parks. But after a years of entertaining guests, why did Disney pick The Princess and the Frog as a replacement to update Splash Mountain?

Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain

The attraction made its grand debut at Disneyland on July 17, 1989 and celebrates its 31st anniversary later this summer. The Magic Kingdom version later came out on October 2, 1992. The log flume attraction served as a wonderful new addition by adding a water-based E-ticket ride for guests. The silly critters are nice for entertaining young children and Disney guests who are still kids at heart. Those who enjoy going down the last big drop are treated to a grand finale featuring the “Zip-a-dee-doo-dah“ song. Unfortunately, the ride does present a unique challenge. The movie its based upon, Song of the South, is no longer shown to audiences due to its sensitive themes and content. With no film or cartoon show to a wider audience, it’s difficult to appease newer generations who are unfamiliar with the characters. Having a new theme with familiar characters to appease a wider audience is part of the reason for the update.

The Princess and the Frog

So what are some reasons to choose The Princess and the Frog as the theme for an update? For starters, the movie features a wide range of cartoon characters that are familiar to Disney fans. The movie includes a fantastic Disney villain and memorable songs loaded throughout its soundtrack. We may be losing the familiar blue bird singing on our shoulder, but we will have many other spectacular songs to hear on this new ride! So far, we know part of the story for the coming attraction. It starts right after the final, magical kiss between Tiana and Naveen in the movie. Then guests will join the adventure as they follow Tiana and Louis while they make their way towards their first Mardi Gras performance.

There are many former attractions that are beloved by Disney fans. We still miss riding Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride and seeing The Great Movie Ride. Even though we always enjoyed riding Splash Mountain, we do understand how nothing lasts forever. One of Walt Disney’s famous quotes is a reminder of the spirit of change.

“Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world.” — Walt Disney

Making way for something new helps create new memories and experiences. Having an attraction for The Princess and the Frog would help a new generation of Disney fans find joy. After all, the movie recently celebrated its 10th anniversary a few months ago and the characters are already considered great new additions to the Disney library. Seeing new visuals, animatronics, and music to delight Disney Parks fans is always good news. We’re sure the future attraction will become a new favorite for guests going on their Disney vacations!

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Kevin Koszola

2 thoughts on “Why did Disney pick Princess & the Frog for Splash Mountain update?

  1. Disneyland didnt have the land to expand so land was purchased in Florida for Disney World. I thought it was EPCOT that was to be forever growing and changing. Walt also wanted a place families could go and spend time doing things together, but then it was decided that alcohol was ti be served in every park. Who decided this? Pleasure Island was closed so I guess adults can get drunk in the parks. I’m sure Walt would be really pleased about that!!
    Now they change the theme of Splash Mountain because some person is offended for God knows what reason, I guess its suppose to be racist! Will you omit some of the Presidents fro The Hall of Presidents because they owned slaves? I hope not!
    But the way things are going that’s likely to be next. I’m getting tired of appeasing a few disgruntled people who won’t be happy no matter what is done. I’ll eventually get use to the change, but for now I think it’s a bunch of crap!

  2. Disney just gave into political pressure, that is all. The princess and the frog is not one of the most popular dianey movies, there are so many more that have more of a following. You can call it whatt you want, but dismey should stay out of the political limelight. Sad.

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