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Disney Animated Movies

There has always been a love-hate relationship when it comes to Disney animated movies sequels, sometimes they are great and sometimes not so much.

Some people think there’s no need for a second part and prefer to keep the original one untouched, while others do want to know what’s next for these characters we love so much, so now with Disney Plus giving us new content very often, would it be possible to get sequels to some of our favorite Disney movies?

I think there is a fine line when it comes to continue a story, and while some have gotten spin off series, it’s not the same as having a part 2 of the main story that touched our hearts the first time. That’s why we picked three disney animated movies that we think need a sequel:



We all fell in love with Tangled, a story about a girl that spent her whole life trapped in a tower dreaming about one day going to see the floating lights and that despite her fears, she believed in herself, got out of her comfort zone and ventured into the real world to make her dream come true.

We followed her fun adventure along with Flynn, Pascal and Maximus, see the floating lanterns for the first time, getting reunited with her family and even getting married! But what happened next? We know there is a tv series that explore the story a bit more, as but don’t you think a second part of this story would be great? I think so!

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The movie that taught us to never judge a book by its cover and never stop believing in yourself. Zootopia is one of the best Disney/Pixar films to this day, the movie ranked in over a billion dollars at the box office when it came out, not bad at all right?

There have been rumors the movie is getting not one but two sequels! According to voice actor Tommy Lister, he said Disney is working on these movies, but the company hasn’t release any information about it yet. We hope is true and we can see more of these characters soon!


disney animated movies

Another big box office success was Big Hero 6, becoming Disney’s third highest grossing animated feature behind The Lion King and Frozen. It was so successful that the director considered creating a second movie but it ended up getting a tv series instead.

We definitely think this movie deserves a sequel, i mean Big Hero 6 taught us that loved ones are never really gone, girl power, robots are awesome plus it promotes science, technology, engineering and math. The movie is so different from other Disney films that make fans love it so much and a sequel would be perfect.

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So what do you think about these disney animated movies getting a sequel? Do you agree they need to continue the story or prefer to leave it like that? Let us know!

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