5 Ways Your Next Visit to Disney World will be Different

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Walt Disney World is reopening and guests are getting back to the magic! With the reopening, Disney has had to make some changes to help keep everything safer during the pandemic. From the moment you arrive, you will notice things are different than they were before. Here are some of the ways your next visit to Disney World will be noticeably different.

Updated Transportation


Disney’s transportation operations are now implementing physical distancing measures. For the Disney Skyliner, which opens tomorrow, there will be only one party per gondola.

The monorails have partitions between the cars and guests are no longer allowed to stand in the middle and hold the metal railings. The Disney buses also have markings for where guests are allowed to sit to maintain physical distancing from others. There are also partitions between seat sections on the buses.

The ferry from the TTC to Magic Kingdom now has spots marked for where guests can stand or sit. The Friendship Boats will resume operations on July 29, but we don’t have information on those operational changes yet.

Modified Entrance Policies

Disney mask

Before the pandemic, Disney just had a security checkpoint before you were able to enter the parks. The parks have now implemented new measures to minimize the risk of getting sick.

Before you even go through security you will have your temperature checked. Guests with temperatures of 100.4 or more will not be allowed in the parks. Face masks are now required for all guests ages 2 and up. These masks must cover your mouth and nose as well as have loops or ties.

At the ticket scanners, guests are no longer required to scan their fingerprints now. This helps keep entering the parks touch-free. You will also see more hand sanitizer stations around the parks. Get in the habit of sanitizing often so everyone can stay healthy.

Disney Park Pass Reservations

Before the pandemic, all guests needed was a valid theme park ticket in order to enter a park. Now, you need a valid ticket as well as a Park Pass reservation. Disney is limiting capacity in the parks so you will need a reservation in order to visit. Once the reservations are gone, they are gone, and no others will be offered.

You are also only allowed one park reservation per day. So, no more park-hopping. Fortunately, booking a Park Pass is quite easy, as long as there’s availability.

Physical Markers & Barriers

Markers, signs, plexiglass, and other barriers are popping up all over the Walt Disney World Resort. These measures are to help ensure physical distancing and add protection for guests and cast members when physical distancing isn’t possible.

Plexiglass windows have been installed in hotel lobbies, restaurants, and even queues for rides. They help prevent guests from breathing on others on the other side of the glass.

Markers on the ground help guests keep distanced while standing in line. Lines may look longer than they actually are because of this.

Character Surprises 

Seeing your favorite character can be a special part of your visit to Disney World. However, Disney has had to pause character interactions due to the pandemic. Instead, guests now need to keep an eye out for their favorite characters as Disney is implementing surprise character viewings.

Sometimes, the parks will host Cavalcades, unannounced processionals that are like mini-parades. Some characters ride parade floats while others travel on the vehicles of Main Street. You never know when or where you might catch a glimpse of your favorite character!

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