6 Delightful Facts about Dumbo (1941)

6 Delightful Facts about Dumbo (1941) 1
Dumbo (`1941)

On October 23rd, 1941 – a premire took place in New York City about a little elephant who could do the impossible. The film would be released throughout the United States on October 31 (a cool Halloween fun fact) and Dumbo remains a beloved Disney character to this day. Do you know everything there is to know about this flying elephant? Check out our 8 facts down below and let us know in the comments which one surprised you!

  1. Its Not Dumbo!
    • Dumbo diehards know that the name Dumbo was given to him by a bunch of bullies. Dumbos real name is Jumbo Jr.! So when you ride the Dumbo ride at the Disney Parks, you’re hopping into a Jumbo Jr.!
  2. Mouse? What Mouse?
    • Jumbo Jr.’s sidekick was originally not a mouse! In the Dumbo novel, Timothy Q. Mouse was actually a bird named “Red Robin” in fact. Timothy Q. Mouse holds his own in the end and now we can’t see it any other way.
  3. Not So Short
    • Did you know that Dumbo was supposed to be a short film? Walt Disney was close to turning this now feature long film into a short but felt that it would not do the novel justice. The film runs for about 64 minutes – making it one of the shortest of the Disney Animated Films!
  4. Whats in a (Circus) Name?
    • Easter Eggs have been around for some time, and Disney is no exception. In Dumbo, the name of the circus is “WDP Circus” – which is a refrence to Walt Disney Pictures of course. Next time you watch the film, keep an eye out for the films easter eggs.
  5. Baby Mine
    • Did you know that Baby Mine was nominated for an Academy Award? The beloved song unfortunately did not win but the film did win best soundtrack!
  6. Understandiblty Below Budget
    • If the 1940s sound familiar to you, World War II was raging in Europe at the time. It wouldn’t be until December 1941 that the United States would become directly involved but the US was was still producing and manufacturing for the war effort. Because of this, money was a lot tighter, and the production for Dumbo was cheaper. You may notice there is less detailing – and because of that, the film came in at  $812,000 to make!

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6 Delightful Facts about Dumbo (1941) 2

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