snow white pie
snow white pie

6 Delightful Disney Treats from Your Favorite Films - And How to Make Them! 1

Every Disney film seems to have something that appeals to the senses. Though it can be hard to navigate the ‘Taste’ sense, Disney has done a brilliant job of making us crave what we see on screen. From Snow White creating her gooseberry pie, to ‘The Leaning Tower of Cheeza’ from A Goofy Movie, food becomes a focal point in itself when drawing the viewer in. Have you ever wanted to taste what your favorite characters seem to enjoy? We’ve picked out 6 of our favorite dishes and their recipes in order for you to create them at home!

Note: These are NOT official Disney recipes – but fans and chefs that have done an amazing job with the inspiration of Disney… or a simple, tasty recipe on its own!

  1. Snow White’s Gooseberry Pie
    • While many may create an apple recipe in honor of our favorite first princess, it may be easy to forget that it’s actually all in the Gooseberries! Disney Meals‘ entire blog is devoted to creating the Disney foods we love – Snow White included of course! Make sure you check out their delicious version of  Gooseberry Pie that is sure to make you more ‘Happy’ than ‘Grumpy’!
  2. Ratatouille (from Ratatouille – of course!)
    • This movie brings out the inner foodie in all of us. Ratatouille shows us that anyone can cook and what better way than duplicating the main course of the film? Binging With Babish does the hard work for you and shows you the tools and techniques you’ll need to recreate this masterpiece. Bon Apetit!
  3. Spaghetti and Meatballs from Lady and the Tramp
    • Okay, okay – this is silly. Spaghetti and Meatballs is a beginner’s dish – right? Why on earth am I giving you the recipe? Well, Bon Appetit makes sure to elevate this so-called beginner’s dish to be something you would make with love – and who more worthy to bask in that love than Lady and the Tramp. If you are looking for a new version of an old favorite, this is the one for you.
  4. Congee inspired by Mulan
    • You can’t bring honor to your family unless you’ve eaten a good breakfast. Mushu makes Mulan a delicious congee breakfast and Binging With Babish is back to show you how to do it. The end result looks so good that you’ll be ready to take on Shan Yu and his army!
  5. Beignets from The Princess and the Frog
    • With rave reviews, this Tasty Beignet recipe is sure to be the man-catcher you need… as Tiana would say. And just like in The Princess and the Frog, Tiana keeps her recipes very secret in real life too, or you would’ve seen her Gumbo recipe on here! So take a bite into some pillowy goodness and transport yourself to Tiana’s recipe in New Orleans!
  6. Kronk’s Spinach Puffs inspired by The Emporers New Groove
    1. Looking to impress your guests? Maybe your powerful, intimidating boss? Be sure to take these Spinach Puffs out of the oven on time for everyone to enjoy – just like Kronk does in The Emperor’s New Groove. Binging With Babish is back with a great version – that may not look exactly like Kronk’s but is sure to taste almost as delicious. Because let’s be honest, we could never compete with Kronk’s spinach puffs!

Whilst some of these range in difficulty, cooking any of these recipes is sure to transport you to your favorite Disney films. And remember, these aren’t the only places you can satisfy your Disney tastes! Heading to the parks will do the trick as well! Take your time with the recipes above and have fun with each of them!

6 Delightful Disney Treats from Your Favorite Films - And How to Make Them! 2

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