8 Disney World Attractions That You May Find Disappointing

8 Disney World Attractions That You May Find Disappointing 1

With the recent closures of classic Disney attractions like Ellen’s Energy Adventure and The Great Movie Ride to make way for flashier offerings, we know that not all Disney attractions are created equal.  Though it has to be acknowledged that one person’s least favorite ride may top another person’s must-do list, here’s a list of the 8 attractions that Disney World regulars frequently site as the ones leaving visitors feeling a bit “meh”.  I encourage everyone to be Disney curious and give every attraction a try at least once but, if you’re pressed for time you may want to give some of those on our list a “miss.”

8 Disney World Attractions That You May Find Disappointing 2

8) Imagination! Pavilion- I remember visiting Epcot’s  Imagination! back in the 80’s as a kid and thinking it was the most amazing place on earth.  Captain Eo was state of the art and all the rage, the 2nd floor ImageWorks had some fantastic hands-on exhibitions and then there was everyone’s favorite dragon Figment encouraging us to use our imagination.  Fast forward to 2017, Caption Eo has been replaced by the Pixar Short Film Festival, the entire 2nd floor of the pavilion now holds a DVC lounge and despite changes to Journey Into the Imagination with Figment it can feel a bit lifeless and dated.  Don’t get me wrong, Figment has a special place in my heart. He is an absolute Epcot icon and always will be, but this ride doesn’t really hold a candle to other Disney attractions.  So could it be curtains for Figment and friends in the future? An Epcot cast member I spoke with last year was heavily hinting that Imagination! would be the perfect home for Joy, Sadness and the other characters from Inside Out! There’s usually no lines for Journey Into the Imagination so if you have time to spare or are feeling nostalgic give it a whirl but don’t expect it to wow!

7) Voyage of the Little Mermaid – Disney has several live shows that are absolutely brilliant.  Festival of the Lion King and Finding Nemo the Musical are two that consistently deliver.  However, with such fantastic competition, Voyage of the Little Mermaid doesn’t quite hold its own.  It’s not terrible by any means and little princesses in the making do enjoy seeing Ariel sing on-stage.  However, the fast pace of this musical seems a bit hasty as you rush quickly through the key scenes of the story. This leaves most attendees ultimately walking away thinking “Wow that was fast.” or “Is that all?”  Now the plus side of this is that it’s perfect for little attention spans so hit it up if you’re traveling with toddlers.  However, don’t expect it to pack the punch of some its other musical cohorts.

8 Disney World Attractions That You May Find Disappointing 3

6) IllumiNations-  Each of Disney’s theme parks now provides a nighttime offering.  With state-of-the-art technology being used at Magic Kingdom for “Happily Ever After”, Hollywood Studios’ out-of-this-world Star Wars fireworks or the new Rivers of Light nighttime show at the Animal Kingdom, IllumiNations, by comparison, feels like it lags a bit behind.  Don’t get me wrong, if you’ve found that perfect spot to watch the fireworks while you dine then it can be a magical experience but for those that have seen the other amazing displays first, it may not rank high as one of your favorites.  We also reported at our sister sight Chip and Co earlier this year the Siemens has pulled out of sponsoring IllumiNations leaving many to question its future.

5) Monsters Inc Laugh Floor – If you’ve experienced Turtle Talk with Crush over at Epcot, this Tomorrowland attraction functions on a very similar premise.  Your favorite Monsters Inc. characters come out, tell a few jokes and then have a series of interactions with the audience leaving you wondering how they did it.  However, this attraction just doesn’t seem to have the charisma of Epcot’s offering and at times barely seems to evoke laughter.  Depending on how early before showtime you arrive, you can expect to spend a fair whack of time waiting in a holding room.  This leaves many guests feeling a bit let down by the time this comedy act concludes.

4) The Grand Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros – There was a time when this Epcot attraction had the distinction of being the only ride in the World Showcase.  However, with the flashier Frozen Ever After attraction opening up next door at the Norway Pavilion and with Ratatouille coming to the France Pavilion in the years ahead, this ride, which has a similar aesthetic to “it’s a small world” seems a bit dated an in need of an update.  There have been rumors, that a Coco ride could take its place but this could be largely depending on the success of the film when its released in November 2017.

8 Disney World Attractions That You May Find Disappointing 4

3) Mission Space – Though the thought of boarding a space simulation designed to give you the same feeling astronauts experience when entering space sounds exciting, the reality may be a bit different for some Disney visitors.  It certainly has this gal thankful for my career choices.  Imagine looking through a tiny window viewer and pressing a couple of buttons on a mock console.  That’s pretty much what happens.  But now (if you opt for Mission Orange) imagine said console spinning so fast that in the midst of all of the this you may find your hand inching ever closer to handy sick bags available for all riders.  Though this ride may look good in theory and has recently received an update by Disney with new storylines, for many its one of those attractions you try once but aren’t overly eager to jump on board for again.

8 Disney World Attractions That You May Find Disappointing 5

2) Seven Dwarfs Mine Train – Okay. I’m just gonna call it. My daughter loves this ride and it is a very well done bit of Disney imagineering.  However with a ride time near 2 minutes and 30 seconds, I always feel so gosh darn awful for those in the stand-by line devoting 60+ minutes to something that is over in a flash.  The first time my family rode it, we loved it but our first comment was “That was short”, I imagine there’s many out there that feel the same.  Definitely worth a Fastpass if you are new to the parks or have never been on it before.  But, be mindful, it’s short!

1) Stitch’s Great Escape- The rumor mill is abuzz that this Disney attraction may be nearing its final days which seems to be supported by the shift to seasonal operating hours (meaning that it’s closed during off-peak periods.)  Like most Disney fans, I am a huge Lilo and Stitch fan and have always found it a bit disappointing that our blue alien friend hasn’t been given a more out-of-this-world attraction.  Talk about a ride with a big build-up but not much to deliver. Guests are treated to a fun little introductory show before heading to giant space-aged amphitheater where you sit in a seat with a shoulder harness that comes down and immediately makes you think something epic is going to happen. Instead the lights go out, you have the smell of pizza being burped at you, air blown in your face, the shoulder harness slaps you across the shoulders a few times, there’s some water strewn and that’s kind of it.  Seriously.  Consistently topping “Least Favorite Attraction” lists, this ride is a bit of a let down for Stitch fans.  But you may want to try it before it’s curtains.

Did your least favorite Disney attraction make the cut? Let us know in the comments below.

8 Disney World Attractions That You May Find Disappointing 6

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