8 Facts about Disneyland’s Holiday Decorating

It’s that time of year where Halloween ends and Disneyland, overnight, is ready for Christmas! In California and Florida, the weather doesn’t seem to match what we think of as winter. Disney shows its stuff by showing that even without snow – it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas.  But – as we all know, there is a lot more than magic that goes into making our Christmas dreams come true! So here are 8 facts about what it takes to turn Disneyland into a Christmas Wonderland!

  1. Deck the Main Street
    •  Main Street USA is dressed her best for the holiday season. Check out the over 220 garlands that are almost four miles long. Around 80 wreaths and 120 bows make sure that when you walk down our favorite streets, you’re walking right into the holiday season.
  2. Frozen Castle
    • You’ll notice a shine to your castle during the day and brightness at night. Over 126,000 lights will twinkle and shine on the showy and shimmery turrets.
  3. Partners in Christmas
    • Make your way to the Partners statue in the Central Plaza. 80 pine trees adorned with beautiful lights – as well as hundreds of different red winterberry and red dogwood branches help make this display bring Walt and Mickey into the holidays
  4. Themed Toon Trees
    • When in Toontown, look to the trees to feed your festive needs! They have been decorated with your favorite characters in mind!
  5. A Not-So-Small Job!
    • A Holiday-themed “its a small world” and the surrounding plaza are adored with over 400,00 lights. Not to mention the garlands that elevate the already amazing façade. As you go into the ride – notice the beautiful change of the children around the world celebrating their own holiday traditions.
  6. Mickey’s Elves
    • Nearly 36 cast members help make “its a small world” larger than life for the holidays. 35 days working on the amazing outside display and 18 days to make the inside just as beautiful.
  7. Haunted Mansion Before Christmas
    • Jack and the gang have taken over The Haunted Mansion – and in all the best ways. Keep an eye out for the beautiful 50th-anniversary gingerbread house within the dining room as familiar haunts and spirits dance nearby. A fact within a fact: according to Disneyland News, it took 6 culinary cast members and 13 days to create this delicious centerpiece!
  8. A Disney Christmas
    • A candle adorned Christmas tree? What’s more magical than that? Well, maybe the fact that the Disneyland Christmas tree is around 60 feet tall. Look for the Victorian-inspired ornaments as well

With all the work that goes into making the holidays shine at the parks, there is no question why visiting is more than a nostalgic experience. It truly feels like there is magic in the air – and there is no better time to discover that than during the holidays. So, if you’re heading to a Disneyland this holiday season, grab a holiday-themed treat and walk through Main Street U.S.A and see if you can spot any of the facts you’ve read here today!

Danielle H