New Slap Bracelet MagicBands Coming To Disney World

The Holidays are here. Decorations are up, holiday cheer is spreading, and shopping has begun. But now, your Disney World trip maybe a little more fun. According to the ShopDisney site, there is something coming soon, November 12th. New MagicBands. Slap Bracelet MagicBands actually. Yes, Slap bracelets.

We don’t have a list of the available options yet. From the looks of it, they will also be cute, fun, and unique and let you show off your personality. While enjoying some childhood nostalgia. The two pictured are themed from the Orange Bird and from the anticipated upcoming Frozen sequel. No word on pricing or where else they will be available yet.

Your MagicBand is your key to Disney. Depending on your vacation there. It is your Ticket. Got a Fast Pass? Scan that band! Staying on-site, the MagicBand is your key. You can even link your Credit Card for payments. a MagicBand is a big part of your Disney trip. You could buy themed bands before, but this is a twist on the traditional MagicBands.

Will you be slap happy? My name is Jamie Porter and I am an independent travel agent with Amazing Magical Adventures. I am a Disney Addict and a current AP holder. My family loves experiencing the magic of Disney and I would love to help you book your next Disney Vacation. Follow me on Facebook, click here. Or email me,



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