9 Fun Facts About Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

Wilderness Lodge Fun Facts

As anyone who has stayed at Wilderness Lodge will tell you, this is one resort at Walt Disney World that really evokes that feeling of being at home.   Maybe its the roaring fire, the smell of the pine forest, the cozy nooks where you can relax and unwind or the scenic surroundings that make this deluxe property a real fan favorite.  We here at DA definitely rate this property as one of our much-loved resorts and with the recent Boulder Ridge/Copper Creek expansion think the Lodge is going from strength to strength.  That’s why we’re delighted to share with you 9 fun-facts that help to make Wilderness Lodge a place that is truly magical.

1.Boulder Ridge Pool Area – With the recent expansion of Wilderness Lodge’s DVC area, the Hidden Springs Pool has been completely re-imagined.  The new area features an expanded sun deck and zero-depth entry pull and has a wonderful backstory.  Boulder Ride Cove used to be an abandoned rock quarry.  Guests will notice a Boulder Ridge Railway and Mining Co. water tower as well as mining carts which help reinforce the theme. Other bits of mining equipment on site may look familiar as items were taken from the former Studio Backlot Tour at Disney’s Hollywood Studios to enhance the ambiance of this new area.  See if you can spot them.

Wilderness Lodge
2. Cascade Cabins – Fans of Disney’s movie Brother Bear that are paying a visit to the property’s new Cascade Cabins will want to pay particular attention to the sculpted bear totems found on a  shadowbox hanging on the wall inside the cabins.  This is an exact replica of the totem presented to Kenai as a symbol of love in the film.

3. Become a flag family – Each day one family at Wilderness Lodge is selected to be the “Flag Family”.  This is quite the honor as a cast member takes you to the roof where your family has the amazing task of raising the five flags atop this massive resort. The flags are said to represent America, Florida, Walt Disney World and Wilderness Lodge.  Getting chosen for this coveted role can be tricky.  A good starting point would be to ask about being the Flag Family as soon as you check in to Wilderness Lodge.

Wilderness Fun Facts

4. The 7-Story Lobby – There are many rumors swirling out there about how “authentic” Wilderness Lodge’s magnificent towering lobby really is, so here’s one fact that will put the rumors to rest.  Paying homage to the magnificent resorts found in America’s Pacific Northwest, the lobby was actually built with 85 truckloads of Lodgepole Pine that was sourced from Oregon and Montana.

5. The Lobby Fireplace – One of the amazing focal points of Wilderness Lodge’s magnificent lobby is the 82 ft fireplace.  It strikes a towering figure, but what many guests don’t realize is that the layered look of the fireplace actually duplicates the layered rock strata of the Grand Canyon.  Be sure to give it a closer look next time you visit for a bit of a lesson in geology!

Wilderness Lodge Fun Facts

6. Hidden Mickeys – Wilderness Lodge has to be my favorite place to be on the lookout for Hidden Mickeys.  Watchful visitors will find them absolutely everywhere.  To help with the process, you can ask for the Hidden Mickey scavenger hunt guide at the concierge desk during your next stay. Follow the clues and see how many of these illusive Mickey heads you can find!

Wilderness Lodge Fun Facts

7. Wonders of Wilderness Lodge Tour – For those planning on spending a relaxing day at Wilderness Lodge, you’ll definitely want to incorporate the Wonders of Wilderness Lodge Tour into your day.  This free tour meets by the fireplace in the lobby at 9am on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  During this 60 minute guided offering,  you’ll find out about the resorts architecture, the symbolism behind many of the objects that are scattered throughout the property as well as other incredible tidbits.

8. Wilderness Lodge Geyser – One of the focal points of Wilderness Lodge’s amazing landscaped grounds is the fun man-made geyser that sits along it shores.   The Fire Rock Geyser is able to shoot water up to 120 feet in the air and usually runs from around 7am in the morning periodcially until 1opm at night.  Be sure to check it out next time you’re at the Lodge.  It makes for a great photo opp.

9. Walking Trail to Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground –  Those looking to immerse themselves in the great outdoors have the perfect opportunity with the gorgeous walking trail that connects Wilderness Lodge with Fort Wilderness Campground.  The path is about a mile (each way) and you can find it by walking past the Wilderness Lodge bus ranks.  It winds its way over to Fort Wilderness where the path comes out near the stables.  I’ve had clients report seeing various forms of wildlife along the route though I haven’t been so lucky.  So if you have a day at the resort or have time to meander to your Fort Wilderness dining reservation then definitely give the path a shot.  Guests should note that its not suitable for nighttime walking though so keep your excursions to daylight hours.

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