Are These 4 Attractions Worth the Wait?

attractions worth the wait

Disney is a very special place for so many of us, and we all have our favorite attractions. Which Disney attractions are worth the wait? Well, the answer to that question is definitely up to each individual. We all have our own reasons why we love the rides we love. Maybe an attraction brings back a childhood memory? Disney rides are very nostalgic for guests who experienced them as children. I can only give you my own personal opinion. I am going to discuss one attraction at each of the 4 Disney World parks that generally has a significant stand by wait time, and if the attraction is really worth it. Keep in mind that Fast Passes are currently suspended, so stand-by queues are really the only option for rides right now.

Peter Pan’s Flight at Disney’s Magic Kingdom- This attraction is definitely a classic but generally has a much longer wait time than some other classic attractions. There must be something about those floating pirate ships that guests can’t get enough of! The Disney World attraction is modeled after the ride at Disneyland Resort, which opened with the park in 1955! It is not uncommon for this attraction to have stand-by wait times of up to 80 minutes. Is it thrilling? Definitely not. I have to say this is a ride that likely is very nostalgic for guests and is a must-do every trip. It is a darling ride (see what I did there?) However, I won’t wait much longer than 20 minutes for it.

Frozen Ever After at Disney’s EPCOT- Since this attraction’s debut in 2016, it has been one of the most popular attractions at Disney’s EPCOT park. This ride is a log flume boat ride featuring characters and music from Disney’s Frozen. It is very common for this attraction to have a stand-by wait time of at least 60 minutes. I will say, I do thoroughly enjoy this attraction and it is a must-do for any Frozen lover. Sometimes, you can find this ride with a 35-minute wait, and when you do-run to it!

Na’Vi River Journey at Disney’s Animal Kingdom park- This mystical boat ride takes guests through a bioluminescent rainforest and features one of the most impressive animatronics I’ve ever seen! If you’ve never ridden this, do it at least once. The shaman animatronic is literally unbelievable and must be seen. This is definitely a slow relaxing ride and great for catching a break. Is it worth an hour or more in line? I’d say check wait times frequently and catch this one while the line is under 45 minutes.

Micky and Minnie’s Runaway Railway at Disney’s Hollywood Studios Park- I have to say, I was very skeptical of this attraction because of my deep love for the ride it replaced. The Great Movie Ride was an absolute favorite of mine and no other ride will ever replace it. However, I was very pleasantly surprised by this attraction. This is a ride guests have to experience to really understand. It uses the same trackless vehicles that Rise of the Resistance uses and is a very fun and unique experience. I will say that this particular attraction is worth the wait! If you can get on this one in under 60 minutes, consider it a win!

As I said earlier, these are just my humble opinions. I know how deeply we all love Disney and our favorite attractions. We all have our own personal reasons for why we will wait for the rides we love. For some of us, we just didn’t visit Disney if we didn’t ride our favorites!

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