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Can I Cancel my Disney World Annual Pass?

Can I Cancel my Disney World Annual Pass? 1

With all the uncertainty and unknown going on right now, some are wondering if it’s possible to cancel their Walt Disney World annual passes.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to cancel an active Annual Passport. Once you purchase an Annual Passport and sign the contract agreeing to its terms and conditions, you are unable to cancel it or stop making the monthly payments.

Disney is adding additional days to Annual Passes to make up for the days that the parks are closed during the pandemic. However, when it comes to payments, guests who make monthly installments on their annual plans will continue to be charged.

Disney did say, “We understand this is an uncertain time for many people and due to the changing nature of this situation, we continue to look at various impacts and how to best meet the needs of our guests.”

For now, guests who make payments on their Annual Passes will continue to be billed and won’t be able to cancel their pass. We will update if Disney makes any changes to their policy.

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