Planting a Disney Inspired Garden

Have you ever considered planting a garden? I have drawn lots of inspiration from attending countless Disney’s Epcot Flower and Garden Festival Seminars about gardening. Finally, I convinced my father to build a standing garden bed a few years ago. Finding my inspiration from the garden from the Butterfly tent also at Epcot’s festival, I started planning. My favorite year was when they had the Tinker Bell Topiaries in it, with all the little Pixie Hollow friends and Fairy Houses. It was magical beyond belief. So I decided to lend some of that Pixie Dust to my garden. I got little fairy and butterfly figures and little fairy houses to go in my garden. It added just the right charm I was looking for.

In order to start a garden, it would be wise to do a bit of research and planning first. What do you want to plant? Are there certain plants that work well together? Will certain plants take over your entire gardening space? There are many questions you should ask yourself when you are starting your garden.  I realized Mint would take over if I planted it straight in my garden. So I kept it in a pot but still set into my garden. Also, some things can affect the flavor of other plants if they are too close. I will admit some things were trial and error.

I decided on a salad and herb garden. My garden consisted of tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, a few types of lettuce, strawberries, and various herbs because I love to cook. It was important for me to save a section for some squash and zucchini because they are two of my favorites. But be careful they can take over a bit and need extra space.  Before planting I drew out a plan and spacing so I knew where everything needed to be planted, and how much space it would need.

Get some good soil and compost mixture. I used a mushroom-based compost for my garden and it worked quite well. At the festival, I spoke with many experts and got great tips and pointers about what to do to create good soil for the plants to be healthy and grow. Make sure your plants have the right amount of sunlight and watering depending on the plants this varies. Also, don’t water them at the hottest time of the day as it can burn them. I also helped start a hydroponic/aquaponic garden at work after some of the seminars, and really got into sustainable gardening. Disney gave me a lot of inspiration for that and the experts there really helped cultivate this passion in me.

I was given great tips as well about natural pest control. Around the border, I planted marigolds as they deter pests but attract pollinators to help pollinate my garden. The experts recommended Neems oil to help keep the pests at bay, it also acts as a fungicide as well. They also gave a tip to put some hay or sod around the base of the plants to help the roots from burning, and protect them. Gardening is really a science. It became so fascinating to me. Did you know you can actually bring your soil to be tested to some gardening places and they can tell you what you need to do to balance the PH, or what your soil needs?

Now that it is officially spring, it is time to start thinking about creating your own garden. Why not plant your own Disney Inspired Garden? Disney has many items for gardening tools and decorations. You can even find quite a variety right at Lowes, Home Depot, and Walmart. As well as online at  ShopDisney.  Next, I am thinking about making my own Mickey Topiary!

Disney’s Epcot offers a Behind the Seeds Tour that you can schedule in the Living with the Land attraction. This gives you a behind the scene look at ways Disney incorporates gardening and sustainability into their daily operations. Did you know Disney grows a lot of the produce they use in their restaurants?!  Let us here at Disney Addicts see how you have incorporated all things, Disney, into your garden or landscaping!

Photos Courtesy:Disney

Jenna-Lee Languirand