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Can I Do Laundry at my Disney World resort?

Can I Do Laundry at Disney World?

This might seem like a strange idea to some people; I mean who wants to do laundry while vacationing at the happiest place on earth? But, not only can you do laundry at Walt Disney World resorts, but I would highly recommend it and here’s why:

  1. You can bring less clothes with you. We always drive to Disney World, but as a family of 5 traveling in a car, we are short on room. For families that are flying it is even harder. I have a tendency to want to over pack for vacation, but if I know that I can do laundry during the middle of the trip it helps me bring less. If you are travelling with an infant or a child that is potty training, you just can’t predict how many outfits you are going to need.
  2. When you get home you don’t have a massive pile of laundry. Let’s face it, coming home from vacation is tough and the last thing that most people want to do is load after load of laundry. If we go to Disney for a week I usually do laundry midweek and then at the end of the trip, that way when we get home I have one load of wash to do and I am caught up. And, if you are a parent of an infant or a potty training child, you know that some laundry just can’t wait!

Here’s what you need to know before doing your Disney World laundry:

  • You need your magic band to get into your resort laundry room.
  • Laundry rooms are typically near a pool, which gives you something fun to do while you wait.
  • Each machine will cost you $3 and if you need to purchase detergent or softener, it is $1 each.
  • You can no longer use cash to start your washer or dryer and you cannot use your magic band. You will need a debit or credit card. However, I could use cash to purchase detergent. I recommend buying the travel size brand that you like before leaving home.
  • I also recommend bringing a collapsible hamper from home  to collect and move your laundry with.

Great news… you can now find and track your washer and dryer online and receive a message when it’s ready! On my last trip to WDW I used LaundryView to track my laundry for FREE. From the website, you can use your computer, tablet or phone to choose a laundry room at your resort and then see what machines are available. If they are all in use you can set it to alert you when one is available.

While your laundry is running you can use the website to see how many more minutes are left on your cycle and set it up to send you an email or alert when your cycle is complete. In the past I tried to keep a close eye on the clock while my laundry was running, but not this trip. I put it in the wash and jumped in the pool with my family. We were finished swimming before the laundry was done so we got ready for dinner. I received a message while in our room that my wash cycle was complete and was able to switch it before dinner. The same thing when the dryer was finished. I was able to enjoy my time without worrying about watching the timer.

I recommend creating a login and getting familiar with the site before leaving for your trip. It did take me a few minutes trying to use my phone to figure out what I was doing and I eventually broke out the laptop to create my login, so familiarize yourself with the site beforehand and it will be a breeze for you to use your phone on the trip.

In my opinion, if you have to do laundry, what better place than Walt Disney World? How about you? Do you like to do laundry during your stay? Share your tips in the comments.

If you have any questions about planning your first or next trip to Disney World take advantage of my free travel planning by contacting me at stephaniekirby@worldofmagictravel.com.

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