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Can I Rent a Wheelchair or Motorized Chair at Disney World?

wheelchair rental

Can I Rent a Wheelchair or Motorized Chair at Disney World?

You absolutely can rent a wheelchair or electric conveyance vehicle (motorized chair) at Walt Disney World Parks and Disney Springs!

Wheelchair Rental

  • $12/day or $10/day when doing a multiple day rental
  • At Disney Springs it is a $12/day rental with a refundable deposit of $100
  • For length of stay rentals you prepay for the number of days you will be in the parks and then you present your receipt at the rental location for use of a chair.
    • During peak seasons Length of Stay rentals may not be given out
  • Maximum weight of 350 pounds
  • Guests must be 18 years old and present a photo id when renting
  • If you are park hopping during the day you simply return your chair at the first park and show your receipt at the second park to receive a wheelchair at no additional charge.

Electric Conveyance Vehicle (ECV)

The information is the same as Wheelchair rentals with the following exceptions:

  • $50 daily with $20 refundable deposit at parks
  • $50 daily with $100 refundable deposit at Disney Springs
  • Maximum weight of 450 pounds

You cannot make reservations and there is a limited supply, so it is best to arrive early at the parks!

There are also private companies in the Orlando area that rent wheelchairs, ECVs, and strollers:

Amusement Park Rentals – (407) 442-0000

Best Price Scooters and Strollers    866-866-3434

Apple Scooter   800-701-1971

ScooterBug    800-726-8284

CARE Scooter Rentals   800-741-2282

Buena Vista Scooter Rentals    866-484-4797

If you would like assistance planning your magical trip to Walt Disney World please contact me at stephaniekirby@worldofmagictravel.com ,to take advantage of my free vacation planning services.


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