Can I Take Food and Drink into Disneyland?

Disneyland food can be quite pricey so I get asked often if outside food and drink is allowed in the parks. The quick answer is yes! You can take your own food and drinks into the Disneyland Resort parks. There are some exceptions though.

Snacks and pre-made foods (like sandwiches) are all allowed into Disneyland. Plus, they are a huge life and money saver! When your kids get hungry in the middle of a line or you are just looking for something to hold you over until you are ready for a corn dog, snacks are invaluable. Also, admittedly, Disneyland food has never been known for its value (but it is all so delicious!).

You can also bring in your own non-alcoholic drinks. You’ll definitely want to bring in water since you’ll be doing a lot of walking. Just make sure none of your food or drinks are in glass containers. Glass containers are not allowed to be brought in. And if you are wondering what to put your food and drinks in to keep them cool, you are allowed to take a soft-sided cooler no larger than the 6-pack size. Also, make sure you use a reusable ice pack in your cooler and not loose ice as loose ice is not permitted in the parks.

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