Celebrate Goofy’s Birthday with these Fun Facts!

On May 25th, 1932 – Goofy appeared in his first Mickey Mouse cartoon (Mickey’s Revue) as “Dippy Dog”. It wouldn’t be until 2 years later that Dippy Dog would be known as the Goofy we know and love today. Even though Goofy is one of the originals, there still is a lot that people do not know about our favorite chuckling dog!

  1. One Time Only (or not)!
    • Thought to potentially be a minor character, Goofy was created as only a one-shot! Turns out audiences loved him so much, that he made a comeback time and time again – until he finally became part of the regular group of misfits!
  2. Final of the Fab 5
    • Out of Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Pluto – Goofy was the last one of the Fab 5 to make his appearance in the Mickey Mouse cartoons. He was in fact the first to have his own television series (outside of Mickey, of course!).
  3. That Voice Sounds Familiar…
    • Love a good “Gawffaw”? You have Goofys original voice actor, Pinto Colvig to thank! If the original voice of Goofy sounds familiar, Roles like Grumpy and Bashful from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs solidified his position with some of the greats of voice acting. Passing the torch, Goofy would later be voiced by actors such as: Hal Smith, Will Ryan, Tony Pope, and Bill Farmer.
  4. Goofy Family Tree
    • The Goof heritage is a long and proud one. In 1954, Walt Disney Presents : The Goofy Adventure Story“, we get a semi-full picture of Goofy’s family tree. It features: Wilbur Goofy (1901), Wyatt Goofy (1880), Lewis Goofy (1807), Pilgrim Goofy (1642), Leonardo da Goofy (1551), Cedric Goofy (1142), Nero Goofy (636 A.D.), Horatio Goofy (106 B.C.), and Caveman Goofy.
  5. Son of a Goof
    • Did you know – that of the Fab 5, Goofy is the only character to have a son? Appearing in the 1992 series “Goof Troop”, we saw the Max we all know and love. Max, originated in the 50’s as Goofy Junior!
  6. Big Shoes to Fill
    • It makes sense that Goofy is so… well… Goofy. This dog not only walks around on 2 feet, but animators once claimed that he had size 18 1/2 shoes! Sounds like an easy way to get tripped up, if you as me!

Our beloved Goofy is 89 this year! It seems like he’s been apart of our lives forever… and maybe because he has! If you have any fun Goofy facts to share, put them in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

Danielle H

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