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Club Cool Beverages Available At Disney Springs

Club Cool Beverages at Coca-Cola Store

Some visitors were sad about the news that Club Cool was closing, indefinitely. Well, the time has come and it is officially closed. For those not happy, no fear! Most of your favorite beverages are still available at the Coca-Cola Store located in the Town Center district at Disney Springs to quench your thirst (or get queasy). Disney’s theme park, Epcot will be experiencing some massive changes coming up and with those changes, Club Cool had to go. We don’t know if or when it will be back.

The infamous “Beverly” hasn’t been added to the list at Coca-Cola though. Tough news for some. Others, you may rejoice. So if you were wanting to get someone’s reaction or taste it for yourself, that one will still have to wait. While you can still go water your taste buds with “Sodas of the World” at the test bar you can also enjoy over 100 Coke choices, snap a picture with the Coca-Cola bear, browse some merchandise, or in the evenings get a panoramic view of Disney Springs from the Rooftop Beverage Bar, complete with handcrafted cocktails and smoothies!

Fountain Beverages available include:

Coca-Cola  –  Coke Zero Sugar  –  Coke Life  –  Diet Coke  –  Cherry Coke  –  Vanilla Coke  –  Sprite  –  Sprite Zero  –  Caffeine Free Diet Coke  –  Mello Yellow  –  Fanta Orange  –  Fanta Grape  –  Fanta Blue raspberry  –  Fanta Strawberry  –  Fanta Pineapple  –  Fanta Melon Frosty  –  Pibb Xtra  –  Barq’s Rootbeer  –  Barq’s Red Creme  –  Tab –  Seagram’s Ginger Ale  –  Powerade Mountain Blast  –  Powerade Fruit Punch  –  Hi-C Orange  –  Minute Maid Lemonade  –  Vitamin Water Squeezed  –  VegitaBeta  –  Bibo Kiwi Mango  – Guaraná Kuat


Are you going to miss Beverly? For us, it’s Bon Voyage Beverly! Need more tips and updates when it comes to your Disney vacation? My name is Jamie and I would love to help you make some memories. I am a Travel Agent with Amazing Magical Adventures. Feel free to contact me for your travel needs.


Photo Source: www.DisneySprings.com

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