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Can I Get Refills at Quick Service Locations?

Refillable drink

We are often asked if Quick Service locations offer refills. The answer is YES….kind of. Several restaurants  around Walt Disney World have self- serve drink locations and at those locations drink refills are welcome! This is so nice on a hot summer day. Go in, grab an ice cold coke and could down, on the way out top it off to keep the enjoyment going. We here at Disney Addicts love getting the most bang for our buck, and we know you do too, so to help you plan your Quick Service meals (or at the very least your drink stops) we’ve compiled a list of all of the locations around “the World” to get your fill of the bubbly stuff.

Magic Kingdom:

Magic KingdomBe Our Guest- Step right into your favorite Disney classic and feel the “Tale as Old as Time” come alive around you! Since opening in 2014, Be Our Guest continues to be one of the most popular restaurants at Disney World, and for good reason! The theming here is phenomenal! The concept here is unlike anything else see at Disney: breakfast and lunch are Quick Service while dinner is a Signature (2 credit) Table Service meal. During the breakfast and lunch hours, the soda fountain is self-serve and you are invited to be their self-serve to refills as you please! Unlike the test of the locations on this list, you must have a reservation to even get through the doors at Be Our Guest so while this is a great spot for breakfast or lunch and a drink “for the road”, it isn’t really a viable option for a hydration break.



ThanksgivingSunshine Seasons- Delight your senses with a variety of flavors sure to please even the pickiest among you! Fresh is the name of the game here and that comes through in everything they do! In fact, the produce is so fresh that you only need to walk a few steps to see where much of it is grown! The Living With the Land attraction located in the same pavilion is a working greenhouse and supplies much of the produce used here and in various locations around Walt Disney World! You’ll find refillable drink stations on either side of the registers. Stop in, enjoy the cheerful ambiance and grab yourself a refreshing beverage or two!

Electric UmbrellaThe Electric Umbrella- This is always a solid choice in our family for a quick break. We stop in at least once per trip for a drink break and a sit-down. The menu here is straightforward and is a great option if you have picky eaters in your midst. The restaurant is sponsored by Coca-Cola so naturally, the drinks are a feature here. There are two self-service stations here, one near either entrance making it easy to fill up on your way out for more Future World fun!

Hollywood Studios:

Backlot ExpressBacklot Express- This enduring park original has somewhat of a cult flowing. The food is standard American fare but the atmosphere harkens back to the original days of the park and for that reason it is on many “do not miss” lists. It also has the distinction of being the only location with a self-serve drink station in the park. It is usually quite busy here so if you’re just stopping in for a beverage, you’re probably better off trying to plan it during an off-peak meal time.


Animal Kingdom:

ResturantosaurusRestaurantosaurus- The backstory here is so fun! The story goes that it was originally a fishing lodge until dinosaur bones were found nearby in the 1940’s. After that, the building became the first Dino Institue. When the Dino Institue outgrew the small building it was transformed into a cafeteria for the Institutes students. Being jokers they added “osaurus” to the giant restaurant sign and the name stuck. While inside, you’ll find their hijinx all over the place (and several more ‘“osaurus” additions). We suppose the practical joking loving students are why this spot has a refillable drink. Paleontology is thirsty business ya know. Regardless of the reason, you’ll be able to get your fill here and then some!

Can I Get Refills at Quick Service Locations? 1Satu’li Canteen- Thr newest Quick Service location in Pandora- The World of Avatar features a unique menu with highly themed foods (try the burger pod!) It also features a refillable drink station. Not only is the drink station self-serve but Pibb Xtra lovers rejoice! It is also one of the only (maybe the only?) places on property to get Pibb! So stop in and have a cup or two (or three) of this hard to find beverage!


Disney Springs-

Magical ExtrasEarl of Sandwich- This fan favorite sandwich shop is a long-standing Disney Springs tradition and will also keep your drinks coming!

Chicken guyChicken Guy!- One of the newest restaurants to hit Disney Springs is also one of the most affordable! Earlier this year Chicken Guy! made headlines with its affordable menus. A combo runs just $11.49. The thrift doesn’t stop there though, because “Flavor Town” also is home to refillable drink stations.

Magical ExtrasWolfgang Puck Express– This household name is serving up delicious gourmet fast-casual food at Disney Springs and has something sure to satisfy everyone- including the thirstiest among you!  Wolfgang Puck Express offers self-serve drink stations for refills and re-fuels!

Cookes of Dublin- If fare from the Emerald Isle is more your speed, head on over to Cookes of Dublin. Here you’ll find a variety of traditional fast Irish foods including fish and chips and meat pies, and of course, since it has earned a spot on our list, a refillable drink station!


Every resort offers a Quick Service eatery and each has a self-service drink station offering refills at your leisure. Additionally, resort hotels offer a Rapid Refill mug for purchase (or unused with a Dining Plan). One price ($18.99)  gets unlimited refills for the length of your stay. We here at Disney Addicts highly recommend the Rapid Refill mugs if you’re staying in a Disney Resort hotel. After a long Park day, it’s really convenient to just pop into the resorts Quick Service location and fill up.


We checked with Cast Members on our last visit to make sure that this practice was acceptable and the answer we received was that it is not only acceptable, but it is also welcomed! Though we do love getting the most for our money there a few things to keep in mind with regards to refilling at Quick Service locations. You do need to actually purchase a beverage at that location in order to fill up. Refills are only allowed during the same visit, meaning once you leave, you cannot come back later in the day to fill up so make sure to get your fill while you are still therr., and don’t forget to fill up on your way out. One final word of advice: While usually, we don’t recommend using snack credits for drinks (it rarely adds up to cost savings), the one exception is using snack credits for drinks at locations where refills are an option. This really can add up to significant cost savings, especially with recent increases in drink prices! We hope this helps you make the most of your meal plan and/or stretch those dollars a little further! Because of course more money saved=more money to plan your next trip! Until then, Happy planning!




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