Create Disney Ornaments And Other Festive Decor This Holiday Season!

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disney ornaments

The holiday season is here! That means we can start decorating our Christmas tree!

Do you have a theme in mind already? If not, don’t worry, we have 4 different Disney ornaments DIYs to decorate your tree!

They are fun and easy to make, so gather your family and start adding some magic to your home this holiday season.



  • Clear glass ornaments
  • Alcohol Inks (turquoise, magenta, purple, indigo blue and red)
  • Canned air (available at many craft stores)
  • Gold and silver oil-based paint pens
  • Stiff black felt
  • Gold 1/4″ ribbon
  • Gold holographic glitter
  • Burlap material
  • Templates


  • Step 1: Remove the cap

Gently remove the metal cap and clip from the top of the ornament. Set it aside carefully, as you will need it later.

  • Step 2: Add the first ink color

Turn the ornament on it’s side. Add 3 – 5 drops of the lightest ink color into the opening of the ornament. Allow the drops to “pool” inside the ornament for a good two minutes.

  • Step 3: Use the canned air to create a marbled effect

Allow the ink to dry for a couple minutes. The canned air should come with a small straw which you can attach. Place the nozzle inside and aim at your first ink color and use short, small bursts of air to move the ink around.

  • Step 4: Allow drying time

Since the inks are alcohol based, when you add another color, it will start moving the ink you already placed.

By allowing a few minutes of drying time in between each added ink, it will help you keep the initial marbling you created but not stop it completely.

  • Step 5: Continue to add your other ink selections

The rest of the process is simple, just repeat steps 2-4 for each color.

The more times you repeat steps 2-4, the more of a marbling effect you will achieve.

  • Step 6: Add a message

Once all the inks have dried and you are happy with all the marble effect you have created, it is time to add the personal touches.

Use the paint pens to create handwritten quotes/phrases on the ornaments.

  • Step 7: Add other embellishments

We also added felt Mickey ears. Prince and pin the provided templates to the felt and cut the ears out.

Use got glue to attach the ears to the ornament.

disney ornaments

  • Step 8: Ohana ornament
    • Themed to Stitch.
    • Inks: Turquoise, indigo blue, and purple.
    • Embellishments: Hawaiian flower stickers, burlap material.
    • Paint pen: Silver

disney ornaments

  • Step 9: Tinkerbell ornament
    • Themed to Tinkerbell.
    • Inks: Medium green, dark green.
    • Embellishments: Gold 1/4″ ribbon, gold holographic glitter (1 tsp poured inside the ornament after the ink has dried).
    • Paint pen: Gold

disney ornaments

  • Step 10: Mickey ornament
    • Themed to Mickey Mouse.
    • Inks: Red
    • Embellishments: 2 large yellow buttons and 2 large black felt ears.

disney ornaments

  • Step 11: Walt quote ornament
    • Inks: Turquoise, orange, indigo blue and magenta.
    • Embellishments: 2 large black felt ears.
    • Paint pen: Silver


disney ornaments


  • 10″ foam ring
  • Two 5 7/8 foam circles
  • Half a 6″ foam sphere
  • 80 ct. 1″ ornaments
  • 50 ct. 40mm ornaments
  • 1-1/2″ ribbon
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Tacky glue
  • Paint brush/ foam brush
  • 3/16 dowel rod
  • Glitter


Create Disney Ornaments And Other Festive Decor This Holiday Season! 1

  • Step 1: Cut the dowel rod

Cut the dowel rod into three 3″ pieces. Insert one piece into each of the pair of 5 7/8″ foam circles. Insert the third piece into the bottom of the foam ring.

Remove, dab with glue, and then re-insert the dowel rods in place.

Create Disney Ornaments And Other Festive Decor This Holiday Season! 2

  • Step 2: Wrap the ring

Align the two foam circles over the ring and insert. Remove, but do not glue yet.

Use the ribbon to wrap the foam ring, applying hot glue every few wraps. Leave space around the dowel rod and ear holes.

Optionally, the rink could be coated in glitter instead.

Create Disney Ornaments And Other Festive Decor This Holiday Season! 3

  • Step 3: Coat the foam circles in glitter

Apply a generous layer of tacky glue to the foam circles and coat with glitter.

Tip: Once dry, mix equal parts tacky glue, water and glitter and use the foam brush to apply a layer to the foam circles. Once dry, this will stop the glitter from shedding.

Use hot glue to attach the finished circles to the foam ring.

Create Disney Ornaments And Other Festive Decor This Holiday Season! 4

  • Step 4: Attach the larger ornaments to the ring

Begin by hot glueing a row of 40mm ornaments spaced out around the outside and inside of the ring. Leave space around the dowel rod to attach to the half sphere base.

This example uses 13 ornaments along the outside and 8 along the inside.

Create Disney Ornaments And Other Festive Decor This Holiday Season! 5

  • Step 5: Attach the small ornaments to the ring

Glue a row of 1″ ornaments in between the larger ornaments. Do this for both the outer and inner ring of large ornaments.

This example uses 14 small ornaments along the outer ring and 8 for the inner ring.

Glue 2 small ornaments between the outer ring and dowel rod, leaving a 1 1/2″ gap on each side of the dowel rod.

Create Disney Ornaments And Other Festive Decor This Holiday Season! 6

  • Step 6: Fill the remaining space with ornaments

Use the remaining ornaments to fill any remaining space on the foam ring. Once glued, flip and glue ornaments to the other side of the ring.

disney ornaments

  • Step 7: Prepare the base

Use the same technique in step 3 to apply glitter to the half of the 6″ foam sphere.

Once dry, gently press the dowel rod of the foam ring into the center of the base. Remove, dab with hot glue and then re-insert. Gently hold until the glue dries.

For the final touch, tie the Disney ornament of your choice to the inside of the centerpiece.


Create Disney Ornaments And Other Festive Decor This Holiday Season! 7



  • Fold paper on dotted lines and cut out the castle shapes (so you’ll have 2 halves)
  • Glue the blank sides together. You will end up with 2 pieces.
  • Carefully cut the slits marked on each piece.
  • Place the taller piece on top of the other, using the slits to lock them together.
  • Secure the middle with a little glue or clear tape.
  • Poke a hole in the top, thread a string through and tie into a loop.


disney ornaments


  • Ornament
  • Green paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Purple sequins
  • Purple ribbon


  • Find a green ornament or dip due an off white ornament in watered down green acrylic paint to create your base color.
  • Using a white paint pen, draw a scale patter onto your ornament, starting from the bottom and working your way upward.
  • Starting halfway down the ornament, begin gluing large pieces of purple sequins, arranging each so that each disc slightly overlaps the last.
  • As you move further up the ornament, switch to using smaller sequins to create a gradual variation in size.
  • Finish off your ornament with a purple ribbon and add it to the tree!

You can also get your favorite ornaments at!

There’s an assortment of the popular Disney Sketchbook Ornament Collection available now!

We hope you enjoyed creating some Disney decorations at home and have a happy holiday season!

Credit: Disney Parks


Create Disney Ornaments And Other Festive Decor This Holiday Season! 8

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