Disney World Newest Rhino Calf Ranger Joins The Kilimanjaro Safari!

Ranger Kilimanjaro Safari

Remember Ranger? The new rhino calf born at Disney World a few months ago? He has now joined his mom Kendi at the Kilimanjaro Safari!

Ranger was extremely happy to join the crash (rhino herd) and was eager to explore this new environment, running around to see all the new savanna sights. He spent some time playing with his aunties Lola and Jao followed by some napping. All that running around requires some rest as well.

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He was the first calf for the herd in five years, so the Disney’s Animal Care team were super happy when they got the news that Kendi was pregnant. Ranger now weights about 600 pounds, so he is definitely a big boy now.

The teamwork and expertise of the Disney’s Animal Care department were crucial to ensure Ranger’s successful transition to the savanna. Each animal is unique with their own personalities, development and family dynamics so each onstage introduction is something special.

Ranger Kilimanjaro Safari

Here’s an interesting fun fact for you, did you know that rhinos and giraffes spend time bonding backstage as they grow and keepers teach important training behaviors? Meanwhile other animals like gorillas or mandrills make their onstage debut just within a few hours of birth, with baby clinging right onto mom’s chest. Interesting right?

So next time you visit Disney’s Animal Kingdom, don’t forget to stop by the Kilimanjaro Safari and say hi to Ranger and his mom Kendi!

Credit: Disney Parks

Ana Leal