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Disneyland Price Increase

Disneyland Price Increase

Disney World fans just celebrated amazing and unprecedented discounts ( summer free dining whoa!) But Disneyland fans aren’t feeling that same Jubilation-  single-day and multi-day tickets, as well as annual passes and the resort’s MaxPass system, have all increased. Just what brought on the increases is anyone’s guess but it is likely in anticipation of the huge crowds flocking to the summer opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Take a look at what you’ll be paying if you are planning a visit to the Disneyland Resort in the near future:

Single Day Tickets-

  • 1 Day Value tickets $104 (previously $97)
    – With Park Hopper option $154 up from $147
  • 1 Day Regular tickets $129 (previously $117)
    -With Park Hopper option $179 (previously $167)
  • 1 Day Peak tickets are $149 (previously $135)
    -With Park Hopper option $199 (previously $185)

Multi-day Tickets-

  • 2 Day $225 (previously $210) -with Park Hopper $280 (Previously $260)
  • 3 Day $300 (previously $280)
    – with Park Hopper $355 (previously $330)
  • 4 Day $325 (previously $305) -with Park Hopper $380 (previously $355)
    5 Day $340 (previously $320)
    – with Park Hopper $395 (previously $370)Annual Passes-
  • Select From $399 (previously $369)
  • Deluxe $799 (previously $729)
  • Signature $1149 (previously $999) Signature Plus $1399 (previously $1149)
  • Premiere $1949 (previously $1579)


  • $15 a day (previously $10 a day) for day guests
  • $100 per year(previously $75 a year) for annual pass holders.

While no one likes to pay more, price increases are fairly common at Disney Parks. With added service also comes added cost and Star War: Galaxy’s Edge definitely is an addition people that will add value…and who knows! It may even help keep the crowds down (ok no it likely won’t but can you blame us for dreaming?)


Jill Bivins

Jill Bivins is a lifelong Disney fan and mom to a precocious three year old son. Her first visit to Walt Disney World was in 1987 (when she was two) and she has made well over a dozen trips since. When Jill isn't at Disney, she's eitherplanning her next trip or scheming up ways to convince her husband to agree to go to Disney.

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