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Our new Staff Writers, all amazing Travel Agents from Key to the World Travel, and I were talking about how we came to be such Disney Addicts that we would take it beyond just a casual vacation destination and actually make it our jobs. We found it interesting that everyone’s reason was different and yet…remarkably similar. Magic, Hope, Joy…these fundamental themes popped up again and again. No matter if you’ve made it your job or if it is simply your “Happy Place”- we thought it would be fun to hear your “why”. First, though, we’d like to share with you ours:

Allegra Lingo- Staff Writer, Key to the World Tavel Agent 

We went to Walt Disney World a lot when I was growing up, but I didn’t find “my Disney” until I was 34. I was about to leave my job in a large-theater festival guest services director role later that summer, just finished my MFA and writing a book, and my wife was expecting our first child in a few months. I fell in love with the Magic of Disney. Not the characters or the attractions, but the seamless stage they have set for all of their guests, a place to simply play and be part of the story. On the last night, we watched “Celebrate the Magic” at Magic Kingdom, which ends with Walt saying, “we must never lose sight of one thing – that story I never want to stop being part of. – A.Lingo@Keytotheworldtravel.com

Catie Hiltz- Staff Writer 

I’m a Disney Addict because of the feeling I get when I stand at the end of Main Street USA. I stare down towards the castle and my eyes tear up a little – I feel like I’ve come “home” #disneyaddictforlife

Jennifer Van Hill- Staff Writer, Ket to the World Travel Agent

“To me, Disney means fun. Every single time I visit-whether for work, for a girls trip or with my family-it always means fun. It means being able to separate myself from the everyday grind and give way to the child that still lives inside of me. It means enjoying watching my girls’ eye light up when we walk down Main Street and see Cinderella’s Castle. It never ever gets old for me. Disney World is the only place we can consistently return to and know without a doubt that we will have fun and make memories that last a lifetime.” –Jennifer.vanhill@keytotheworldtravel.com

Lynette Brown- Staff Writer, Key to the World Travel Agent

“I do Disney because of this picture! The magic is real. Where else in southern California does it snow? Only in Disneyland! Disneyland is a place where you can forget about the rest of the world and all of your other commitments and focus only on your family and the fun you are having. My children don’t remember the earlier times we visited, but I do! And they love to look back at the pictures and hear the stories. I love looking at my sons face in this photo because the magic came alive for him that day, but what I love most, is my husbands face. This I will remember for a lifetime! This is why I do Disney!”- L.brown@keytotheworldtravel.com

Missy Graner- Staff Writer, Key to the World Travel Agent

“My first trip to Walt Disney World was when I was 5 years old, back in 1978. I made a few more visits during my childhood years with my immediate family but really started becoming obsessed with the parks when I was in college. My mom and I would visit over every fall break, just the two of us, and found it to be a safe, fun, ever-changing destination where we could rely on top-notch service and customer experience. As time has marched on, we’ve added (and sadly lost) family members from our gang of Walt Disney World travelers, but it is a can’t miss trip for what now amounts to a party of 10 from three generations visiting the parks together every year. We love revisiting old favorites in the parks as well as discovering new adventures. My kids are spaced far apart, so Walt Disney World is one place that I know will have something that everyone will enjoy. I feel immensely blessed to be able to share my knowledge and passion for Walt Disney World with my readers and clients.” – Missy.graner@keytotheworldtravel.com

Tiffany Harmon- Staff Writer, Key to the World Travel Agent

“With family living all over the country, it’s challenging to plan a time or place to see everyone. Because the Magic of Disney bridges the gaps between ages and miles. It brings multi-generational families together that may live on opposite sides of the country. Everyone LOVES Disney, so it’s always the perfect choice. This is one reason why I do Disney… for my family.”

JJill Bivins- Writer/Site Manager Disney Additcs.com

I do Disney because it is a part of me. It is who I am. As the daughter and granddaughter of Disney lovers and the niece of a former Cast Member, Disney is in just my blood.I’m currently raising the 4th generation Disney Addict. But it’s more than that.  It is about faith and hope. When I was at my lowest I remembered a song from my childhood: ‘no matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing a dream that you wish will come true.’ That gave me hope in a very dark time. That’s what Disney does, it inspires you to hope and dream and never stop believing. Disney Parks are the physical embodiment of that. When I enter the gates of Magic Kingdom and see that sign- ‘Here you leave the of today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow!’ my worries melt away and I am a kid again. That is why I do Disney.

So tell us about your “why”. What makes it so special to you? Why do you return year after year? Or if you’ve yet to make your first trip, what makes you dream of a trip to a Disney Park? We’d love to hear. Every answer is unique and if we are honest – that’s another reason why we ‘do’ Disney – because it is a Magical place that can be so many wonderful things to so many people! We’ll see you in the Parks!

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