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How does the Disney Dining Plan work at The Boathouse?


I recently had someone ask me a question about using the Disney Dining Plan at the signature restaurant, The Boathouse, so I thought I’d share the information that I found out with all of you! This amazing signature restaurant is located in Disney Springs and the menu is to die for!  There really is something for everyone at this fantastic restaurant but their focus here is on seafood and steaks.  This tantalizing menu is chock full of tasty appetizers, entrees and desserts but have no fear if you are interested in lighter fare because there is an array of salads that will tempt your taste buds too!

Just looking at the menu may have you doubting whether or not there are restrictions placed on what can be ordered when dining with the Disney Dining Plan, but put those fears to bed….you have the choice of the menu!  Of course eating at a signature restaurant will cost you 2 Table Service Credits, but in my opinion it’s worth it!  Remember that if you order any of the entrees that are listed as serving 2, they mean it and you will be charged accordingly Table Credit wise that is!  There is only one little drawback to using the Dining Plan at The Boathouse…the sides.  Unless your entree specifically states on the menu that it comes with veggies you will need to pay for it separately.  I know what your thinking…”I’m using 2 Table Service Credits and I have to buy my sides?!”  But this is an amazing steak and seafood restaurant and even when dining at a location similar back home, all the sides are a la carte, so really your getting a great deal!  Oh, I forgot to mention the the Kid’s Menu….even though this a more upscale restaurant they do provide a great Kid’s Menu and I’m sure that you will be able to find something tasty to fill their little tummies too!

So what do you think?  Did I cover everything or is there something that I missed about dining at The Boathouse Restaurant on the Disney Dining Plan?  If I missed something, let me know in the comments!!

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  • Can the raw bar offers be used as an appetizer on the disneyDeluxe Dining Plan…the lobster cocktail especially?

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