It’s All in the Details-12 of Our Favorite Easter Eggs at Disneyland

Here at Disney Addicts, we believe that one of the things that makes any Disney theme park extra special is the attention to detail and all the little-hidden gems you can find at around every corner.  Because of Disneyland’s rich history,  the resort is chock a block full of fun little details.  To give you a taste of some of the fun Easter Eggs to be on the lookout for, here are a dozen of our favorites.

1. Ever get the feeling that someone’s watching you? Look around as you’re standing in front of Snow White’s Scary Adventures and you may see an evil pair of prying eyes!

2. As you enter Snow White’s Scary Adventures be on the lookout for the golden apple.  Go ahead, touch it and see what happens!

3. Upon entering Disneyland theme park,  look for the candle on the second floor of the Fire Station. This was the location of Walt’s Apartment and Disney keeps the window lit as a magical memorial.

4. As you make your way through Fantasy Faire at Disneyland see if you can find a whimsical music box, give it a turn and see who pops up!

5. Ever wonder what Disney character you are the most like? Head over to The Beast’s Library within the Disney Animation Building and find out (with  a little help from Cogsworth and Lumiere.)

6. Speaking of Beauty and the Beast, while visiting Tarzan’s Treehouse,  see if you can find some of the friendly inhabitants of Beast’s Castle.

7. Next time you’re at Disneyland and decide to treat yourself to some popcorn, take the time to really investigate the popcorn cart and chances are you’ll see a little Disney-themed Popcorn Person hard at work.  Our favorite has to be the one just outside of the Haunted Mansion.

8. As you are making your way through the Tivan Collection at Mission Breakout, be on the lookout for a much-loved friend from Epcot.  One little spark of inspiration is all it takes to find him!

9. There is one map of Disneyland Resort that is nothing short of magical.  You can find it at the Fantasy Tower at the Disneyland Hotel!

10. Speaking of hotels, the lobby of the Grand Californian is so big on detail that its easy to miss this Hidden Mickey on the clock! See if you can find it.

11. For a big dose of Disney nostalgia, we highly recommend the Little Golden book titled The Little Man of Disneyland.  Is this tiny resident myth or reality? Poke around a bit near the landscaping by Indiana Jones Adventure and you may just find your answer!

12. Next time you’re strolling the grounds of Disneyland theme park be sure to stop by Snow White Grotto and listen closely near the wishing well!

Disneyland Resort is so rich with history that it’s no wonder that there are amazing surprising and details to be found around nearly every corner. We’ve merely skimmed the surface of the magic you’ll find here.  Now it’s up to you to plan your Disneyland getaway and see what surprises you can uncover!

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