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Which land do you go to once you walk to the end of Main Street at Magic Kingdom? Personally, we’ve always enjoyed starting off our Disney day at Adventureland. The first attraction we go to is Jungle Cruise, too. For generations of Disney fans, this attraction has delighted many with its puns and exotic scenery. Today we discuss the history of the attraction and what makes the ride a Disney Parks Classic!


The Jungle Cruise made its debut on July 17, 1955 at Disneyland and on October 1, 1971 at Magic Kingdom. It has a special honor of being an opening day attraction for both Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World!

Jungle Cruise: The Spirit of Adventureland 1

Original Ride

The ride was quite different in the beginning. There were no iconic puns and Disney treated it as a serious adventure ride for guests. For the first few years, the Jungle Cruise was more of a nature documentary simulated experience. Thankfully the jokes were added years later to make the ride the memorable experience we all adore today!

Jungle Cruise

Part of what makes the cruise so fun (besides the jokes) is the scenery filled with animal animatronics. Seeing the elephants rejoicing in their bathing pool is a delightful sight for many young passengers. There’s also the gorillas raiding the campsite, hungry hippos, and a disgruntled rhino chasing explorers up a totem pole.

Jungle Cruise: The Spirit of Adventureland 2

Of course, we also have to acknowledge Trader Sam as you pass him near the end of your river expedition. If you’re looking for a different experience for the adult Disney fans in your party, then we suggest checking out Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto at Disney’s Polynesian Resort. It’s an incredible tiki bar with Jungle Cruise inspired decor and drinks. Check out the tiki mugs when you go there, too!

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Jungle Cruise: The Spirit of Adventureland 4

Holiday Overlay – “Jingle Cruise”

In recent years, the attraction was given a holiday theme for guests to experience! Disney adds holiday attire to both their Skippers and to several animatronics seen along your journey. The festive puns help you get into the Yuletide spirit as you go deeper and deeper into the jungle!

Jungle Cruise: The Spirit of Adventureland 5

Themed Restaurant and Merchandise

It’s no surprise the popular attraction has inspired the creation of a Skipper Canteen restaurant for guests. It’s a great place to eat with the whole family! There’s also pins and shirts dedicated to the ride, plus a new Funko Pop figure coming out later this weekend. Lastly, we can’t forgot to mention that the Disney ride has helped inspire a movie as well. We’re certainly excited to see the Jungle Cruise movie, which stars Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt, when it hits theaters next year!

If you haven’t been on the ride yet, then be sure to go visit the attraction the next time you visit Disney World or Disneyland. You need to see the backside of water to understand the appeal of it! Of course, we’d like to hear what our fans have to say about the iconic Disney attraction, too. Tell us your favorite joke or part of the Jungle Cruise in the comments.


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