How Do I Know How Many Snack Credits I Have Left on My Dining Plan?


Snack Credits

Q: How do I know how many Snack Credits I have left on my Dining Plan? 

A: A friend of mine came back from a Disney vacation recently and told me that his family had over a dozen unused Snack Credits on their dining plan when they checked-out.  I was naturally dismayed as that’s a lot of Butterfinger Cupcakes and Dole Whips!  However, I think a lot of visitors unfamiliar with the dining plans can find it really hard to stay on top of how many credits they’ve used and how many remain.  Here’s a few bits of information to help you keep tabs on your Snack Credits.

All dining credits are front-end loaded.  Here’s a brief refresher on how the Disney Dining Plan works.  Let’s take the regular Disney (Plus) Dining Plan for instance.  For 2016, during each night that you stay at the resort, each member of your party is entitled to:

  • 1 Table Service Dining Credit
  • 1 Quick Service Dining Credit
  • 1 Snack Credit

However, these aren’t unlocked as you hit each night of your stay, rather they are pre-loaded.  So 1 person staying for 5 nights will have 5 Table Service Credits, 5 Quick Service Dining Credits and 5 Snack Credits.  Disney does not discriminate on how you use these.  You could technically use all 5 Snack Credits in one day.  There’s nothing stopping you,  but then you have to pay out-of-pocket for the snacks you have during the rest of your stay. Makes sense right? However, things get a bit confusing with families.  If there are 5 people in your party, your account would be pre-loaded with 25 Table Service, 25 Quick Service and 25 Snack Credits. The allocations for each member of your family are grouped together.  So that’s a lot of snacks to keep tabs on.

Just imagine when we hit the 2017 Dining Plans and the daily Snack Credit allocation goes up to 2 credits per person per day.  That means a family of 5  on a 5 night stay would have 5o snack credits to get through!  So this is where it is important to stay abreast of what credits you’ve used and how many you have left over.

So how do I know how many Snack Credits I have left? Disney makes it really easy to stay in the know regarding how many snack credits you have throughout your stay. Anytime you use your dining plan you should be given a receipt that lists the total meal credits remaining on your account. This is broken up by type.

If for some reason you don’t receive this information or misplaced your receipt, another option would be to visit the front desk at your Walt Disney World Resort and ask for a print out of your dining plan credits.  The Cast Members will be more than happy to assist you with this.

Keeping tabs on your dining plan in this way is just good practice.  Not only does this allow you to up the snacks if you see you’re going to have a lot left over. It also stops you for overspending and may even alert you to any errors in how your dining plan credits are being spent. I have more than once had double credits taken out at a meal by mistake.  So I recommend making an effort to look at your remaining balance daily.

What if I end up having left over snack credits on check-out day? I’ll be honest, there has been more than one vacation where I’ve had numerous Snack Credits left over as I near the end of my stay.  However, that should NEVER mean that they have to go to waste (unless you want them to).  Instead, use these remaining credits to take home food-items that keep.  These could include Caramel Corn from Karmel Kuche, Disney Fudge, Sealed Mickey Rice Krispy Treats, Bags of Mickey Popcorn or candied nuts.  These items are absolutely perfect for a road trip home or for those flying, sealed items can be stowed in your luggage for later.

Also visit your resort food courts, gift shops and even Disney Springs shops for take home snack items.  Goofy’s Candy Company in the past has had fantastic bags of sealed sweets that I stock up on before returning home.  Things like Unicorn Pops and Sour Gummy Worms, really bring a smile to my little ones face when I bring them out months after we’ve returned from our holiday.  Non-perishable snack items also make a fantastic “Thank You” for house-sitters, dog walkers and gifts for family members that couldn’t come a long.  Though what Snack Credits can be used for is always changing, there will always be awesome take home items available. So if you have a bit of time on your last day and unused snack credits, have a look around- you’ll be amazed at what you can find to take home with you!

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How Do I Know How Many Snack Credits I Have Left on My Dining Plan? 1

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