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Once Upon a Time to Leave Netflix This Fall

Once Upon a Time to Leave Netflix This Fall 2

Though Once Upon a Time is still available on Netflix, the show’s contract with the streaming service is due to end on September 6, 2020.

There is still no update from Disney as to when or if the show will be making its way to Disney+. Normally that news appears when the contract has officially ended. We have no exact date when the show will be available after the contract has ended.

With over 150 episodes, the show would add a major boost in Disney+’s show portfolio. This cult classic worked to add older, long time fan favorites as well as newly released characters – all intermingling with each other. For fans patiently waiting for word on whether or not their favorite Disney show will head to Disney+ or not, we will, unfortunately, have to wait until September to find out.

With many old contracts still bound to various streaming services, it seems like it is only a matter of time before the only places you will be able to get Disney content will be on Hulu or Disney+.

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