Should Disney Change the Theme of Gran Fiesta Tour to Coco?


Most guests who visit Disney’s EPCOT park seem to really like visiting the Mexico pavilion. From the big walk-in pyramid full of shops and restaurants to the attraction, Mexico has a lot to offer! Speaking of the attraction, we have been hearing rumors that it could be undergoing some extensive retheming and renovations. Does Disney-Pixar’s Coco deserve it’s very own attraction? The theming would certainly fit right in. Let’s discuss.

  • The Current Attraction- The current attraction in the Mexico pavilion is the Gran Fiesta Tour. This ride features a boat ride starring the Three Caballeros- Donald Duck, Jose Carioca, and Panchito Pistoles. Guests go on a journey through Mexico to help find Donald Duck so that he can perform a show with the other two Caballeros. The dark boat ride opened in 2007 and replaced El Rio del Tiempo. Before the addition of the Three Caballeros, the attraction didn’t incorporate any official Disney characters. The attraction was just a dark boat ride that took guests on a journey through Mexico’s history.

gran fiesta coco

  • Why a Coco Theme?- If you’ve visited the Mexico pavilion recently, you will know that Disney has already been incorporating Coco into the theming. Disney added an interactive Coco themed exhibit called Remember Me! to the entrance of the pyramid and introduced a traveling Coco themed puppet show. Coco is very popular and currently, there is no attraction representing the film.

WDW Coco

  • When will the Retheming Happen?- There has been no official announcement from Disney regarding if and when any retheming will take place. However, the animatronics featured in the Gran Fiesta Tour have been having technical difficulties lately and have been needing repair. If Disney was planning on retheming the attraction, it would make sense to do it soon before the attraction needs more repairs. It is very likely that the constant repairs may get the ball moving on the renovation. So many big exciting changes are set to take place in 2021 for the 50th Anniversary celebrations and adding in a Coco attraction would definitely add to the excitement.

While we have no official announcement of Disney reimaging the Gran Fiesta Tour into a Coco attraction, it is definitely something that can be seen on the horizon. As always, we will keep our readers and followers updated as soon as plans are announced!


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